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  1. HG1F2

    Break from game

    If you play solo and don’t go online for 7 days all of your building except vaults will decay, but if you play on a tribe then your friends that go online can reset the timer back to seven days, so simple answer is yes, but dinos can unclaim in 3 days
  2. I also recommend using the re-fertilizer to spawn resources quickly
  3. Make a base at volcano just for mining, leave an anky there with a lot of melee damage, if you can make an industrial forge or a bunch of ref forge, for 30 mins of farming you can get approx +1000 metal or even more, so yeah farming is the way
  4. HG1F2

    Manta stuck

    It’s kinda a bit in the shore when i tamed it and when it’s tamed i cannot move it,
  5. Anyway, you gotta spare narcotics bruh? and some balms too while you’re at it also some kibbles pls
  6. HG1F2

    Manta stuck

    Ok a few days ago my tuso was stuck, today my manta is stuck, can anyone help? https://m.imgur.com/hked2hZ https://m.imgur.com/EbJ05xJ
  7. Generally just in any place in the sea, i recommend using ichtys to search one because they’re fast, good luck on searching survivor
  8. Kill the one that does not fit your criteria and after killing always check red obelisk for new quetz, fly as the same level as the last leave of trees
  9. I’d suggest foor you guys to scout for eggs on the swamp, i get it everything wants to kill you there but bring a spyglass and a speedy mount i suggest gallimimus or pteras, kapro can’t grab you off galli and you can just use spyglass while on galli
  10. HG1F2

    Flare festival

    To any survivors that live in the server Mammoth-pvp-hard-NA, we members of we be livin tribe invites you to a flare fest on 31st of december at the mountain on redwoods, if you guys bring flares that would be helpfull too, lower your phone brightness because it will be super bright
  11. I think the spider needs tlc or kust lower the saddle level, mosa needs tlc, kapro,spino(for ark mobile),many more
  12. As the title says, i live in Indonesia and updates always comes late it has been 3 days since the griffin update and the update is still not downloadable, is this my device problem or all Indonesian survivors can’t play in multiplayer just because updates come late, because i don’t want my base to get raided by them Chinese, so war drum please make the update comes a bit faster or at the same time as another part in the region
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