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  1. I don't think they will release those servers for console, they are managed by snail games not even the ark devs. There is speculation that those servers were created specially for T.E.A
  2. How big would extinction be tho? And the biggest question I have is. Will it have huge caves to set up ? questions questions..
  3. I don’t mind tek trikes but a tek giga will be a nice buff to the giga, specially since their melee could be better on officials with those. I like the fact that they are addressing undermeshing I personally have never been undermesh on officials but I see a lot of people suffering to this. Hopefully they find a solution or an alternative, maybe remove climbing picks and add reusable grappling hook for the crossbow idk
  4. Yes, you're right. Those things really resembled wyverns but some people where saying they were new creatures
  5. Nice, I have high hopes for this map. I would love for them to include both DLC's Dinos Aberrant and Scorched plus the new Variations. That would give this map so much content to work with
  6. Hopefully is tameable, that looks sick. (Tree Elemental) ?
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