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  1. Ways which would prevent the download from happening: 1. It is disabled in properties 2. It performs an install instead (this happens if your dropbox doesn't contain a syncark folder already) 3. Local folder structure for maps don't exist i.e. you haven't run a player dedicated server instance on each map (this would stop syncark)
  2. I think studiowildcard.4558480580bb9 is the same as mine.. Delete this one: studiowildcard.17716c21e3d1f That'll be the one syncark is using which will be the wrong one.
  3. Nope, I believe n!trado were provided with unique software/details by wildcard to host headless servers, similar to what they provide steam users for free. Hence, why n!trado is the only company that can host headless Xbox ark servers. Either side will throw the old "it's xbox's fault" type excuses without much explanation, but there's 100% a deal going on between them. N!trado are the worst since they won't give you any kind of access to make your own backup, so it's either pay them for all eternity or lose your progress. Hence, unfortunately the best way to host is the not much loved by wildcard windows 10 store version of ark, and since player dedicated servers don't make them any money there's a huge lack of support.
  4. Ahh several randomletterandnumbers folders would cause issues, I'm assuming that now one of these folders are redundant now that you have the season pass. You have two options: 1. Remove the folder which the game doesn't save to 2. Set the local directory in the syncark properties file to the directory which the game saves to i.e. loc.local=C:\\Users\\yourusername\\AppData\\Local\\Packages\\StudioWildcard.NUMBERSANDLETTERS
  5. Has the local save location changed? I have the season pass so this shouldn't break it
  6. If you're starting a new server... 1. Make sure SyncArk is not running on any of your PCs 2. In the game menus, clear the player dedicated data on all your servers 3. Run a player dedicated session on each map that you want to synchronise, do this on all of your PCs (this creates the required folder structures) 4. Delete the SyncArk folder on dropbox 5. Run the program on one PC to "upload" your server, wait until dropbox has synced with your new files 6. On each PC wait until the local dropbox folder has updated, then run SyncArk (make sure 'task.download' is set to true in properties) You should now be synchronised - once all your servers are setup you can set task.download to false, this will prevent overwriting your local files Otherwise.. if it's a permissions issue, try taking ownership of AppData!
  7. Hmm strange.. I don't have this issue. Hopefully I fixed it by accident in the next version And no problem!
  8. That's annoying, sorry man.. you should host on windows 10 instead if you can? That way you can create backups and never lose your server!
  9. Currently you do have to rerun the .bat program for new maps, however you shouldn't have to delete the drop box folder.
  10. Character synchronisation can be a bit messy however since the map file also stores character information, for example if you complete a boss fight you will need to respawn (kill yourself) on the other maps for your implant to be updated, however if you don't respawn in time then the synchronised character file will be overwritten by the data stored by the map you're on. XP can also be overwritten sometimes... It can be pretty annoying, hence you may prefer turning character synchronisation off in the syncark properties file and instead occasionally copying the files over after boss fights etc. A workaround would be to kill yourself every time before hopping to a different server so that you're always using your synchronised character file rather than the preexisting one on the map. It's an annoying problem that can't be fixed since character data can no longer be uploaded like it used to, really wish wildcard would bring this feature back... but it's better than not being able to transfer your character at all!
  11. Your character should be synchronised, otherwise check properties. For example if you make a character on the island, you'll spawn as that same character on your other maps.
  12. Upload your stuff to the obelisk, go to a different server wait ~2 mins and your stuff should be there!
  13. Could try an external hard drive? Move the game on the xbox with your save to your external hard drive, then move it over to your new xbox?
  14. Ah okay can't send you my file.. we play on a player dedicated PvE. We used to play official but our server became a legacy server and was one of the first to go, so we moved to nitrado and matched official 2x settings which was a nice balance, may seem time consuming at first however if you play the game how it's meant to be played and work towards making kibble for tames it's really not too bad. We then stopped paying for nitrado and lost our progress (they wouldn't give us a backup...). Eventually we started playing again on a player dedicated server and set everything to 1x but we enabled single-player settings, which is essentially the same as official 2x only breeding is MUCH faster.. most dinos take about 1-6 hours and everything can get be imprinted to 100% (maybe not dodos...). So essentially single-player settings is the best option to use if your server is not up 24/7. We now have a 24/7 player dedicated server ready for genesis and have stuck with the same settings since we enjoy them. So i'd recommend leaving everything as 1x and enabling single-player settings and making sure max difficulty is enabled (150 dinos), however everyone has different opinions on "balanced". It's taken us a little over a year of on and off playing the game to get through every boss with these settings.
  15. Nope, if you have a laptop/pc with windows 10 then you can install the game from the windows store for free since you own it on your xbox, then run a player dedicated server on there which you can join on your xbox (use an alt account for hosting). When running, a player dedicated server uses about 1-2GB RAM and requires 100-200GB free space (game size) on a hard drive and an okay processor, graphics cards aren't required for server hosting so integrated graphics would be fine. So basically any modern day PC/laptop would be able to run an ark server. This would be your best bet otherwise you'd need two xbox's, but I'd advise against this since you have less freedom with files, etc. You may have issues hosting at first, or you'll be lucky like me and everything will work from the get go!
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