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  1. Did you figure this out? Nobody can connect to my player dedicated server anymore either. Strange how it's just stopped working...
  2. Using file explorer... 1. Navigate to C:\Users\{your_username} 2. Open the 'view' menu and ensure "Hidden Items" is checked, you will now see a folder called 'appdata' 3. Navigate to C:\Users\{your_username}\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.RANDOMLETTERSANDNUMBERS\LocalState\Saved\UWPConfig\UWP 4. Open 'Game.ini', i strongly recommend using 'notepad++' for this: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ 5. At the top of the file (before [ShooterGameMode_Options]), insert a new line and enter the following: [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] 6. Underneath this new li
  3. Do you have multiple numbers and letters folders? The program may be looking at the wrong directory.
  4. I think you've skipped a step, make sure to host a player dedicated instance on each map that you want to synchronize then run SyncArk. If you have no local map files to synchronize then it won't work, you need at least one.
  5. Map sync is for if you constantly switch maps on your servers, for instance say you run valguero on server 1 then switch to ragnarok and then you want server 2 to switch to valguero it wont be the same save as server 1 if you have map sync off. So essentially map files wont be synchronized between your servers. IF however you want to run several servers with the same map, say two servers running genesis then you should definitely turn map sync off!
  6. Since it's been two months, I'm sure you've figured it out.. however just in case, check that you have the setting "Hidden items" enabled in the 'View' settings for file explorer!
  7. Hey, once you have your cluster setup you need to make sure to set "task.download" to 'false' otherwise when the arksync program is restarted it will overwrite your local files with the cloud files (download), hence why you're being rolled back! This setting is for synchronization, once disabled the cloud map files should not be updated, however if you still have "task.download" set to 'true' then your local files will be overwritten. Sorry, I haven't really worked on this or used the ark forums for a LONG time. The program should work fine once you have all your permissions and
  8. Found a fix, character was bugged...
  9. This is happening to me, just get an infinite black screen.. did you find a fix?
  10. Noticed an issue where ark characters are being deleted, I'd suggest disabling the character synchronisation until this is fixed in the next version!
  11. My game has crashed like 10 times so far today in the ocean biome, never crashed once in the bog biome. Very frustrating.
  12. Go to: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.LETTERS_AND_NUMBERS\LocalState\Saved\clusters\solecluster Delete all the files here.
  13. Double check your settings, you may have uploads enabled but not downloads. Otherwise.. there's a small chance that your obelisk file is corrupted, try uploading/downloading on an alt account. If it works on another account you'll have to delete your obelisk file.
  14. The names are of the legacy servers which were or are being taken down. They are literally copies of the map files at the time the servers were taken down, so yes there should be bases for you to raid.
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