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  1. I started over, i used double \\ as you stated to someone above and found some success. The bat file will still only stay up if i run it through cmd admin. It successfully created folders maps, obelisk, player_data into arksync on onedrive but theyre all empty. Theres plenty of files in the wildcard numbersandletters folder as the server has been up for months. Any suggestions?
  2. Doing that did allow it to run longer and stay up but still no files in the arksync folder in Dropbox. It appears to getcloudpath correctly and getnlocalpath correctly then reads: exception in thread "main" java.lang.nullpointerexception At java.util.objects.requirenonnull(unknown source) At arksync.utilities.analysis.getlocalmapdirectories(analysis.java:33) At arksync.utilities.analysis.analysedirectories(analysis.java:19) At arksync.Main.main(main.java:53)
  3. I feel I followed the instructions correctly. Upon running bat file the black screen only stays up for less than 1 second and dissapears. Any insight?
  4. Does this work with a win10 ran player dedi server?
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