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  1. LeftBlindEye

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    red fog and red rain! that would be sweet
  2. LeftBlindEye

    So I guess this is allowed... cheating chinese

    DILO thats crazy lol... It would be great if it was all held up by just that one pillar tower. Destroy the bottom pillar and poof!
  3. LeftBlindEye

    Ark should have a meaningful PVE

    We need more random dino spawns, like rare giga spawns in the redwoods and some dinos that can get metal. PVE is way to easy. I want to be scared again. But I'll be happy if I can ever grab water dinos with my tuso again.
  4. LeftBlindEye

    Official 2 man tribe servers

    I agree on the clustering idea though that would be sweet but they'd have to keep dino transfer between the original server type
  5. LeftBlindEye

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    Yeah making it lighter would work
  6. LeftBlindEye

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    Moderation is the key here. How many of you remember that ridiculous snow event a year or two ago? None stop snowing for months...
  7. LeftBlindEye

    Quetzal Maturation

    I can confirm its about 7 days. This is pretty intense to do as a solo player! My first and second one was killed pretty quick.
  8. LeftBlindEye

    Dino's in the radiation zone

    The Basilisks thing seems like a bug to me. Its not logical at all.
  9. LeftBlindEye

    FIBER server help

    I recommend nipiro watch a few youtube videos on it and you will be good to go
  10. Yeah it really needs some loving in the worst way
  11. They should do that and then take scorched and snowy and combined them with the island to make the biggest map ever.
  12. LeftBlindEye

    Tuso in PVE

    Please please please reconsider letting tusos grab water dinos when fighting. The difference between this and letting flyers pick up animals is that the grab is the tusos strongest attack. I find it extremely unfair that as a solo PVE player that I can not use the tusos strongest attack just because I play on PVE. I understand why you did it, to prevent griefing but please find another way. One way might be that the only way a tuso can hold something on PVE is if its attacking it.
  13. LeftBlindEye

    I can no longer support the state of my favourite game!

    I understand what your saying but man this game is great and will go down as one of the greatest made for me. I think we've all become to spoiled now and days. Just enjoy the game the way it currently is and anything else is just a bonus.