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  1. Since the original ark still has all of the existing bluescree,n meshing and all the glitches that the devs still refuse to admit are broken I wonder what's in store for Ark2. I imagine the same bluescreen deja vu, the same meshing and falling through the map and or to too it all off. Losing a character because you transferred to another map. Thus rendering all your hard work completely wasted and submitting a ticket gets you a 2 to 3 week wait time in which you recieve some dumpy version of dino you used to have and or a pile of junk to replace your ascendant gear. To the devs and owners
  2. Same. I'm terrified to crash in blue while soaring on a drake because the drake will zoom off into the abyss and when you relog you are where you DC at and the drake is, well wherever you were aimed at
  3. I dont know what has happened to ark.... it seems to be completely broken. I login and play maybe 5 minutes and bluscreen everytime. Then I relog and goes well for about 10-15 min then boom, bluescreen again. Relog and get stuck in a loop of bluescreens. Overall I play for 2 hours and maybe get 15 min of actual game progression. What's really going on? And with all these updates and Ark 2 announced, how do you expect people to buy into a new game if the original is literally broken.
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