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  1. This problem will not stop, not on our server. The asian tribes on our servers are some of the most hostile players I've ever met. They lure wyverns and Gigas to peoples bases, Kill/steal Titan tames (Asian tribe stole our Forest Titan from us, claimed it before we could), and they are constantly showing up to ruin Titan tames from anyone that isn't a part of their "box tribe alliance". T The biggest reason this claim thing isn't working then, is because of the lag then(?) The OSD and vein drops always take a while to activate on our server. As I said, it took about 1 minute for a drop to start the other night. I always thought that was how it worked, that it took a bit to activate... If it's SUPPOSED to activate immediately after claiming it, then this is purely an issue with the ping/lag on our server, and the griefers are just using this to their advantage. What they do is go around, claim OSD/Veins, and then work their way to each one gradually... Which surprise, is always 200+ whenever the Chinese tribes are on. They absolutely ruin our Ping completely. Region lock may not be a popular idea among many, but when you experience the harassment and abuse from these box tribes the way that our server has experienced, you will easily change your mind. Especially when you get to experience them all saying "Death to you" and "All of the Chinese tribes will come and destroy your bases" and then continues kiting Gigas and Wyverns to peoples bases. Sucks, because our server is filled with amazing people, then we have .... these people, completely ruining it. It's just pathetic honestly. Again, don't get me wrong- the claim system was definitely a GOOD decision. It saved my vein last night when some Chinese dude swooped in and ran straight for the middle, trying to take it. Idiot didn't realize the claim thing was a thing lol. But it has to be tweaked to prevent things like what I mentioned above from happening. I had no idea they usually started immediately, because for us, they usually don't. I tested it the other night, claimed a drop, and waited at least 1-2 minutes, same with the other drop from before. I generally play at night, when the Chinese tribes are on, so the ping is always pretty bad... That is most likely the cause if they are supposed to activate upon claiming. But even during the day, people still find claimed drops all over the place. If this is purely a lag issue, then WC, please fix the damn ping these servers are experiencing lol. Otherwise this issue will continue being a problem because when it comes to these specific players, they really won't stop. No idea how they have not been banned honestly, reports apparently do nothing lol.
  2. Well lucky you, we have a half of the server that is absolutely amazing, and then half of the server that is Chinese that go out of their way to ruin your gameplay. Just know, one tribe alone claimed almost every single OSD drop, just so others couldn't. This was 5 minutes ago. Claiming it and starting the event would basically revert it to how things were before, but still with the ability to claim. Why would you claim it knowing "oh, it's going to start immediately so I technically won't be keeping this drop from other players and screwing their game". The drops / veins take a few seconds and are often delayed, more so with the drops. It took almost a full minute for one drop to activate earlier. This gives these idiots plenty of time to claim, and high-tail out of there. Whether this is how they are, or if it's due to our god-awful ping, I don't know but it's been a problem ever since this update went live. Dude, you aren't getting the point of this post. The claim thing is a great idea, we have always had problems with players stealing our poop (less so these days, but one Chinese tribe tried stealing my vein tonight.... not realizing the claim system was a thing, lol). So, no. This isn't about "being a vulture", this is about assholes on our servers purposefully taking opportunities away from the rest of the entire server, simply because they hate us. Good for you that you don't have such assholes on your server, but ours is filled with them and we're not able to do anything about it other than activate the claimed OSDs/Veins, and pray another one pops up in time to claim it.
  3. Lol I mean, can you blame people? Unless done properly, having the ability to claim it is just plain stupid because of this very reason. We were actually having less problems with (Chinese specifically) people stealing our drops/veins because they knew the entire server would revolt and do the same to them. So it became less of an issue. This basically just gave them another way to ruin the game for everyone, and us not being able to do anything about it. What could be done is, why doesn't the vein/OSD activate the second it is claimed, rather than this long delayed wait to start it up? The problem is the timing with these, it's literally an easy fix if they actually considered it to begin with. Either start the OSD/vein the second you hit claim, or do the timer/distance thing. Posts like these need to be made, so Devs can hopefully understand and make changes. I mean they changed this because I guess people complained about it, so lets hope they do the same with this.
  4. *Sigh* You're not getting my point. Having a reset timer is better than having none, that is literally all I'm saying. Do you really think people are going to spend their entire day, hopping around the map hours straight, just to reclaim a drop they aren't going to do? I mean come on dude, people are rude and idiotic sometimes but no one is going to spend hours straight just reclaiming drops. And no, I blame WC because their developers should have THOUGHT of this in almost ever scenario. That is literally what game-making is about, problem solving. And this is such an obvious thing that they had to have known would happen and yet, they still say "f it lets just do it anyways". Ah, you know what WOULD solve a lot of this regarding idiotic players who enjoy pissing players off? Region lock. Tada.
  5. From my experience, no, it doesn't despawn when active if you leave render. I've left multiple times (to get water and such for example) and it's always still there, even when other players aren't. Maybe luck, who knows.And it is still a way better option than allowing people to permanently claim it. One would truly have to be pathetic enough to continue going back and forth every 5 minutes to each location, just to reset/reclaim. It should be a "If you don't start in 5 minutes, you lose the rights to it". Period. Just to give you an example, we have a ton of Chinese players that are constantly looking for ways to ruin our server. Stealing Titans, killing them while you try to tame, killing tames you're going after, the list goes on. WC just gave these types of players a brand new way to screw over people even more. Oh, and tonight, I found 5-6 drops, 2 veins. ONE vein was all that wasn't claimed, and that was because it basically spawned as I was there. The other drops were claimed and yet 0 people there for the drop. So yeah, this will be a huge problem, I understand they were trying to fix it but this just made it 500 times worse lol.
  6. I mean, there is. I just said it above, set a timer / distance limit from the vein. If you claim it but aren't within range / don't start the OSD/Vein within a specific time (5 minutes) then you lose claim and it resets. That is what have should have been done in the first place. Now? It will be impossible to even do them at all.
  7. Seriously, whose idea was it to have the ability to claim OSD's/Veins, and have them REMAIN CLAIMED? Did no one seriously think about the idiots who enjoy ruining others gameplay, going around and claiming them all purely to prevent others from doing them? Seriously, why is there no timer/out of range timer that unclaims the drop and vein to prevent this? Did no one REALLY not think of this? Yeah, all the drops and veins have been claimed on our server all day, with not a soul in sight completing them. Soooo, not really much of a fix.
  8. Same here, tried in 3 different spots to fish and yet it still won't cast the fishing rod for me.
  9. Aryaaaw

    PVE Servers Crashing

    This is exactly what our server is right now.... Absolutely unplayable.
  10. Aryaaaw

    PVE Servers Crashing

    NA server 458 is literally unplayable now with over 200+ and crazy lag/rubber banding.. The update has made it to where even meat runs are impossible.
  11. Our server, 458, has been dealing with high ping for over a week now ever since the elemental veins were put back. Numerous people have reported the ping and still no resolution. Many people think it is the box clans duping something that is causing the high ping, since the ping always rises when they are online. Tonight, our server was averaging 220-255 ping. Our server just now crashed and is currently down to 150 or so ping. Is this happening with all other Extinction servers, and what is actually being done to fix this? It is nearly unplayable at this state. Also note- everyone on the server is dealing with this ping, not me. My internet speed is at 80-100 mbs and it is STILL high ping, all the time.
  12. Honestly, I WANTED challenge from Extinction and didn't expect it to be a piece of cake. But today, a purple drop spawned in 10-15 extremely high level wyverns that are usually lured (by Chinese tribes) to people's bases. This is constantly happening, not to mention them DDOSing our server so we're at 200+ ping CONSTANTLY. But seriously, the fact that THAT many wyverns spawn in and don't despawn when the drop / element vein vanishes, is just continuing to fuel these tribes that play with PvP tactics on a PvE server. They do this every single day, and with the increased spawns of wyverns, the kiting is only getting worse. This is literally the easiest solution- Don't allow corrupted dinos to enter the city, or have the corrupted dinos despawn after the drop/vein. Otherwise people will continue losing their tames and bases all because of these Chinese tribes that do what ever they can to control the server. It is a HUGE problem on our server, I'm constantly seeing things about bases and tames being destroyed because of these grievers. What's the point in even calling it PvE if you're constantly defending your things to PvPers?
  13. This x100000000000000. The music is literally the most obnoxious thing, PLEASE let us have the option to remove it / lower the volume...
  14. Not sure if this is a reported bug yet, but on our server, 458, the forest biome is literally overspawned with beavers in the actual hundreds. Nothing else spawns there besides beavers, so no one can even find Gacha's anymore. I love beavers and dams, but maybe not THIS many.
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