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  2. Honestly netguns has ruined this season! People play classic to avoid gen 2, but somehow net guns have been able to come across to classic and has ruined the classic version of pvp. And also the aimbotters getting away with cheating is getting out of hand! Next season they should remove net guns and do more against cheaters. This cluster has some serious potential if you do something against the cheaters.
  3. Of course wildcard being useless again, they can never realse a DLC on time, and cant do raptor all against aimbotters
  4. as nice as this is, classic is still going to be ruined with the amount of aimbotting there is on there, preferably they should have noted their would've been better enforcement and that is something which people would have preferred to see, as in classic your forced into these open base spots where all you do is get aimboted
  5. hey could you by any chance send me the link to the official ark discord? Also do you know why there hasnt been a new ark community crunch last week. thank you
  6. yes my friend but when a large side of your game play ark for the PvP side its only right that wildcard lets us know what is happening and there effort to stop cheating in the game such as aimbot and esp and desync as this is affecting at ruining the game for the pvp side. Surely you understand?
  7. i mean you can look at the server lists yourself its very obvious where the biggere community and player base is which is PvP. I understand the truth is hard for PvE bobs.
  8. i ran out from daily comments... on this mans twitter it literally says that its his own personal comments and not the company and you can quite clearly see how he is a PvE player so that statement on twitter doesnt count as he would be bias towards the PvE community and you havent sent me the clip from twitch. In addition PvP has more servers and more people playing these servers and you can easily see this by comparing the server lists so I believe PvP has a bigger player base (but a dying one)
  9. Also going through the server lists right now you can see by far there are more players playing PvP than there is PvE
  10. can you get a link of the stream clip or twitter Cause they are most likely wrong.
  11. And how do you know this? Cause if you go through the server list you will find that most of the servers are PvP and the PvP servers have more people playing them than PvE
  12. My friends this may be all great for your small PvE side of this game but you should be telling us more about the PvP side of your game where there is a greater player base. Can we please get some information on what or even if you are trying to sort out the issue with aimbotting and esping and desyncing in your servers. Cause i dont know if you devs and people play the official servers but the state of it right now is terrible. You cant go an hour on any official server without coming across someone cheating. Take exfibos most latest video on arkpoc this tribe which was cheating has been playing arkpoc for months on end and nothing has happened to them and in addition there is no preventative from them cheating as your anticheat isnt really the best. Can you please inform us at least whether or not your taking action to help prevent the cheating. Thank you Wildcard
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