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  1. Ok so I think it’s pretty clear that you only read like one sentence of the reply I gave you. Go back through and read carefully, because this reply doesn’t make any sense. You’re rehashing things you’ve already said.
  2. Oh yes, I’m quite serious. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say in the third sentence, but I’m assuming you’re trying to say ‘why play the game when there’s no challenge’. See, about this, you can choose not to use God Console in regular play, so I don’t really see what your point is. You can say that things should be done without God Console, however that’s not the point of buying it, now is it? God Console is supposed to be for players who don’t want difficulty, hence the reason in buying it for a hefty price, and no where did they say that you can’t use it in certain aspects of the game u
  3. So when will single players be able to use the god mode in the dungeons? Kinda annoying that we can’t, especially when we bought it for the sole purpose of going through and getting the rewards.
  4. I’ve had this problem. All ya gotta do is fly up to them, and have them follow you on the ground. If they start spinning in circles in the air, then just use the request button to try again. It does take a couple of tries, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time
  5. We’ve been giving them time, it’s just that we paid for this specifically to not have us die. And plus, I might not have enough time to push heal all if I’m getting attacked by giga
  6. This is true, I wish they’d at least fix what they’ve got
  7. God Console not working Hi, I’ve recently began playing ark again, and around two months ago I was able to use god console like it was intended; I wasn’t able to be killed by any dinos and whenever riding my animals, they’d be invulnerable too. But today, I logged on and I found I was taking damage even with the cheats on, my dinos included. I even tested to see if I would die, and I did, even when I had infinite stats and invulnerability on! Very annoying that I actually have to watch out for danger now... any clue on what to do?
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