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  1. Tamed Dinos Moving Around Hey, I’ve just recently tamed a Titanosaur on Ark Mobile, and I’ve also just moved into a new base. Problem is though, he keeps on moving around. Let me explain; no, he’s not actually walking around, but each time I come back to the base, he’s outside the walls I’ve put up. I’m not necessarily concerned with anything going to willingly attack a Titanosaur, but I’d like for him to remain within base walls. I think the issue is the fact that they render in first before anything else, and so do Allos because I’ve had the same issue with them, but I’m not really sure why it moves him around? And at this particular base I’ve set up, he’s the only thing moving outside the walls, if at all. The entire point of me moving was due to my old base having this same glitch, but it’d only happen at certain angles of me riding in on my Argent, and actually moved different creatures around like my griffins. If it means anything, I’m on single player mode. Just thought I should report this here or at least ask for some advice on what to do?
  2. Specific dinos in the dungeons Alright, so how could it possibly be fair to us single players to not get specific dinos from the dungeons? I mean, it’s be nice if we could be included in those too, you know? It’s especially not fair due to the fact that you kinda have to pay for buffs in the dungeons to even get past the bosses and traps, so if you don’t have any money, then you’re kinda out of luck. I don’t mind not having eerie creatures, because those are just cool mutations I could try to get myself if I really wanted to, but now that they’re adding creatures that you can only get from the dungeons, and no where else, is bogus. Not to mention that you’ve got a time limit to even do it in the first place. I’d love to have a daeodon in my little colony, but I guess not. If they add wyverns like this, then I’d honestly stop playing. Not that that means a whole lot, but it really would take the fun out of it. If they could have it for after the dungeon events are over, and they add the dinos you didn’t get to the actual world, I’d be fine with that. But, it’s probably not going to happen .
  3. I’ve had this problem. All ya gotta do is fly up to them, and have them follow you on the ground. If they start spinning in circles in the air, then just use the request button to try again. It does take a couple of tries, so don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time
  4. We’ve been giving them time, it’s just that we paid for this specifically to not have us die. And plus, I might not have enough time to push heal all if I’m getting attacked by giga
  5. This is true, I wish they’d at least fix what they’ve got
  6. God Console not working Hi, I’ve recently began playing ark again, and around two months ago I was able to use god console like it was intended; I wasn’t able to be killed by any dinos and whenever riding my animals, they’d be invulnerable too. But today, I logged on and I found I was taking damage even with the cheats on, my dinos included. I even tested to see if I would die, and I did, even when I had infinite stats and invulnerability on! Very annoying that I actually have to watch out for danger now... any clue on what to do?
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