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  1. Archaeopteryx TLC First of all, I love the archa in ark. Sort of. It’s cute, it’s an exotic creature to have, it’s design is great and it’s a perfect tame for early game Ragnarok if you’re looking for something cute to wait for you at base when you’re out taming or gathering. However, it’s near useless. I like the glide idea and ability, but the fact that you have to hold it’s legs disabling you from using weapons makes it an awful shoulder mount. If it could instead sit on your back and glide only if you press a certain button or you could switch from having it in your hands to on your sho
  2. Leave rock drakes in the map for god’s Sake.
  3. YEAH THAT TOO!!!!!! Now i’m Scared to even set foot in the swamp. I nearly even lost a level 200 fully imprinted Rex to a couple of terror birds, and she has nearly 1000 percent damage! And a few thousand health! I am hoping that they fix it, as it’s driving me to the brink of a mental breakdown! I hope that they fix this!
  4. I totally agree with you fellow single player. It’s just too crazy! I think that the only way to complete it is with friends, because otherwise it’s impossible. I play single player, and I haven’t even gotten past threat two! AND I HAVE GOD CONSOLE!!!!!! Yeah, it’s a pain. I hope they fix it. Good luck!
  5. I agree with you all it would be too much for the device to handle but the roadmap says in 2019 they will add 'a place you've never seen before...'
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