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  1. Oh so in general santa only comes in red zone?
  2. Hello, is there a faster way to wake up your tames if they are kncoked out?
  3. Oh lord anyone got cords/what this area looks like?
  4. Right on guys, glad to have the pleasure to run into such talented raft people By rafts i only mean motor boats because god rafts are too slow, wish motor boat was faster, also wish there more then just a motor boat as it's the only true mobile boat base If turrets buff to hit structures how would that work?
  5. I like how you think! Right on, that's a tip i wish i put! How would you guys buff rafts?
  6. Hello, i need help and tips of how to find this guy Mainly on abb but would love to know on other maps! Thanks!
  7. Indeed, I know its expensive but water mines spouse to counter them?
  8. Can't wait to hear man! Of course i am only human and mainly speak from experience on rag, i agree it's stupid that a mana can go fast to the point it beats your motor boat But one thing that a motor boat beats any dino is being a true mobile base, thats what i love about it, plus it's easy for solos, it does suck that you can't slap heavys on it as this makes literally no sense. I think a buff is an order to make these motor boats a true force to go against I sink my foundations etc, i learn where to hide my motor boats so stealth is ensure, a raider will only at
  9. Right on, how could i forget such a useful tip!
  10. Even if that may be so keep in mind when i started it didn't take long at all for me to learn the raft at all You can level up fast enough to make yourself a raft, at least you can build on it and have turrets, they as i said can go anywhere where there's water, regardless how low the water is The row boat MIGHT be cheaper, but then i ask Who gives a rats butt when it doesn't take long to make a wooden one
  11. Hello you fellow raft scrub lords, if your looking for a pro guide to your raft then you found the right post! I'll be telling you tips and tricks on your epic boat quest, however i will not tell you all my secrets~ Frist just know a raft base is arguably the most powerful and easiest base for a solo and up, you get the true definition of a mobile base (even dinos with so called portable base) With the raft you can move it anywhere where there is water, tracking em can take forever plus if someone finds your raft it isn't a big deal as you can always move
  12. Hello fellow survior scrubs, today i will discuss my opinion on the item, the row boat Perhaps the most useless item, yeah it has not been released as of this post but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that a row boat is useless by a long shot Even if you can "go faster" with more people, it isn't goin go faster then a motor boat which is more honorable, a wooden raft cheap wise beats the row boat in many ways, for one you can build on it and can in theory fit the whole server population on a raft No other vehicles (even the skiff etc) can matc
  13. Hello, i am looking for good riot bps (mainly just for the cool look) Plus loot in general, any advice? For solo and up
  14. Enforcers! Hello you lovely scrub lords, i need advice on this cool dino! How should i level this baby? My tactics in pvp are hit and runs and gorilla tacics Also love doing drops, should i bring a scout drone?
  15. Hello you fellow survior scrubs, today i will talk about my ideas for turrets, remember this is just my opinion, now to counter the turret limits perhaps there should be "special" types to balance things out rocket turret: boom! This turret is what it's all about, max upgrade (perhaps metal and chips) to a max of four tubes to Fire, good against hard and soft targets, may use rpg or homing rockets for better accuracy can be on rafts and saddle rafts (at the cost of mobility by a bit due to the weapon systems weight) Poison rockets: much stronger then poison nades with a larger
  16. Hello you fellow thatch loving scrub lords, today i will discuss my opinion on the titans in aberration desert titan: what on earth was wild card thinking, did they lose their bloody mind or something? Remember how aberration has a no fly zone so strict that not even bee queens tamed pop? Well wild card gave you the big middle finger because screw you of course! Normally you'll use flyers, maybe giggas to help out but unless you have a mek and a good one at that, kiss your hard work, your base goodbye, clearly wild card screwed up this, the same other titans: li
  17. And to that i say still, ironically doing the smart thing in most cases makes wild card so made that it makes EA gasp They wana tell you as the player how to pvp, whats that you wana block aberration nodes off to stop trolls? Screw you, suck it and up and deal with it Wana c4 suicide bomb with your dino to make Japan proud of you? Screw you, c4 auto blows up for no reason And the last, making a racer "bulletproof " is also against tos, at this point what even is balance in this game? Solo is impossible to survive and good luck finding a good tribe, trust in ark is
  18. Maybe, but think about it, your goin have to take mats with you to get your flak fixed This isn't including your own kit you have to take, no one uses them because of the higher cost plus said mats, it's just too heavy even for someone build for it
  19. hello fellow survior scrub lords, today i wana share my opinions on the item and how it should be used At it's current state it is just bad, the devs clearly did not know what they were doing, the items to repair said thing is expensive, heck even without the increase cost what i would do: Frist what i would do is get rid of the amount of mate it takes to repair said item, the Pliers was clearly intended to repair gear and what not on the field balance: to prevent it from being too op, the Pliers weight should be almost nothing and maybe judge the item based
  20. no sadly i have not, you able to show me kn xbox?
  21. I will asap,what I'm trying to do is make a way for not just me but my dinos to get up to the surface without the use of tek at all
  22. Thank you for bring this up tho, I'll be sure to do better!!! Just in my opinion you should not have a flyer going around with a radar dino as it makes stealth not just for players useless but dinos as well Say what you want "just thinking outside the box" but if this is true how the hell do c4 get auto boom even in cover? Let alone it being illegal to box a racer to make it as bulletproof as possible It would seem the devs mainly have their Allusion of whats fair, back in my days people drop dodo bombs onto bases, people do racer bombs to drop op towers
  23. I will be sure to bullet from now on But to clear up Magmasaur: from when it was Frist released it was ment to crush turtles (aka base full of autos etc) but now is useless, this will be even more so when gen 2 is released as it'll take longer or be impossible to raid a good defense full of autos due to the ammo bag thing main point: basically is the stealth, i missed the days you could be a sneaky sniper in the bush, a clever trapper, hell a clever pirate who can hide their loot, when you have dinos like i mentioned whats the point of stealth, the dinos who can hide them
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