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  1. All the answers.... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Baryonyx#Mobile
  2. Next will probably be spring update, coming pretty soon. No idea what will be updated.
  3. But probably no other ways when you've done all pursuits that give much XP.
  4. If you have detailed info, please post here or add it to the Wiki yourself. I'm level 97, so maybe have not access to the last few Pursuits. And I don't play multiplayer so I can't add info about those pursuits.
  5. It's really not that hard... You can practice with jumping some foundations on the Island.
  6. I also wanted to kill Titans for XP, but that's quite a pain. I need a lot of XP to get from level 97-100. I had 12x XP boost, but in the end its not that much XP you get from the Titan. I made a video of my attempt, maybe it's inspiring.
  7. No way of setting that option. I've build around a waterfall near the Vulcan, no big problems...
  8. JB1980

    Ipad cheats?

    No cheats. And all you mention is very well possible...what's the problem for you?
  9. How to kill a Titan for XP. I could not find any video's of how to kill a Titan (on Mobile). I read a lot about using an Allo pack, but that was no succes for me so far. So here's a different way.
  10. Quite a list...I hope Wardrum understands Spanish....it seems you expect that.
  11. JB1980

    Dire wolf question

    Wolf from Snow Cave is strong enough for all caves. Totally worth the amber for reviving it.
  12. First line in Wiki: Melee attacks against the Arthropluera will significantly reduce weapon durability and cause damage to the player https://ark.gamepedia.com/Arthropluera#Dangers
  13. See the picture, your Allo needs to be pack leader.
  14. If you play multiplayer, please add info about those specific pursuits. Most part of that page is my contribution to the Wiki.
  15. JB1980

    The Dome!

    Wow, that's another amazing build! I didn't knew you could build like this on Mobile.
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