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  1. What's your level? How much health? And how's your armor? Do you have soups on?
  2. I've found one today...riding a Manta....not able to kill it. It was close to Carno Island
  3. Sadly it's a known bug. You can report it.
  4. JB1980


    Pretty sure you can.
  5. That gives small amounts of Black Pearl. I'm level 97...never saw an Alpha Mosa
  6. Don't think so...
  7. JB1980

    New creatures

    They mostly stated that all new creatures will only spawn in Dungeons. I do run them, but I do agree that it shouldn't be the only way to get new creatures. Maybe they will change it later.
  8. When holding some items or when you are mounted you don't see the Change View button.
  9. I just make four normal jumps, takes a bit of practice, but not that hard. I save before attempting (SP).
  10. Have you left the area? The node in my base respawns almost everytime I'm out of render distance.
  11. Great update! Keep up the good work! Any news on decreased costs of Element for TEK?
  12. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes/Locations#Mobile The ones your a looking for unfortunately miss coordinates..
  13. Known bug, will be fixed in next update
  14. JB1980


    They don't take you to Notes youve already got.
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