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  1. Good afternoon This is my personal opinion for ark mobile as of right now, if anything that i need to know please contact me, Y’all are just making the game worst because y’all adding random stuff that aren’t supposed to be like that.Everything should be better if y’all added the normal ark like the one from console.Like the dungeon is really bad like why not just the normal bosses and same cost of element for any tek item.A lot of players that i have played with have told me that they prefer to have normal, that they would have more fun soaking turrets than just rocket running it.Also why y’all had to make ark mobile pay to win, like that is bad because all i see is a bunch of players just buying the items they need and not even working for it like it’s supposed to be a survival game. For last is the transfering between server like, why not just upload free with out amber? It would be the best game if it was exactly the same as ark in console. Thank you, have a good day.
  2. They should take out or increase the turret limit per area, people can't place turrets right so they try to put more turrets together so thy can defend it better but the limit doesnt let them atleast 20 or 30 turrets per area
  3. Why do have to pay for the god mode in mobile device and not in console
  4. How do you activate the codes
  5. You are not the only one im on android and i crashes online like 5 times per minute
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