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  1. Just realized this change isn't what I thought it was. That's disappointing.... Was really hoping that bigger/ rarer eggs made across the board better kibble that would tame all dinos better. So that even dodo/small kibble would be better than meat/berries on all tames
  2. arjay8

    Creature TLC Ideas.

    Dilo needs an attack speed buff, similar to plant x. turret mode. Useful for early game defense as a mobile turret. Flaps obviously out when in turret mode.
  3. Yea. Turrets basically= time when it comes to offline base defense. Consider that when placing defenses. And full turrets are the foundation of that.
  4. Anyone have a clue about the servers being down still. rag na 515 been down since yesterday
  5. arjay8

    Missing Server - Megathread

    NA rag 515 also missing for about 12 hours or so...