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  1. I've been busy with work all week so I haven't had much time in ARK other than to keep everything fed. I did manage to go out wyvern egg hunting with two clan-mates Friday. Had a great time with a few disasters but we managed to get a trio of eggs. One took home a 85 lightning wyvern egg, the other got a 175 lightning wyvern egg and I took the consolation prize of a 20 poison wyvern egg. I figured I already had one wyvern so I'd take the weakest one. Turns out they're both jealous now of this guy. I named him Anthrax.
  2. Been checking all the Ice Wyvern nests for an egg every day hoping to find one. Didn’t have any luck until this afternoon. Did a complete pass on all the nests that I know of and none where there so I turned to head back to my NE base. My path crossed the first nest I checked and there it was! I swooped in, snatched up my prize and cheesed it just as the cops showed up. I ducked through the trees and shook off my pursuit without getting hit once. What a smooth heist it was! I’m now the proud pappa of a lvl 20 Ice Wyvern. Could have been higher but thats the breaks. I named him in honor of my I
  3. Was finally able to log in again last night after my Nitrado server was down for two days. They were good enough to give me a two day credit on my rental period even if it was Microsoft's fault. Didn't get much done since it was late in the evening for me. Stocked up all my feed troughs, applied some levels, crafted a ton of sparkpowder and shotgun ammo, and then tamed an absolutely ugly 145 pteranodon. She's red, yellow and brown. I name her Chiquita because she looks like a spotty banana. Didn't really need her but was bored and she came out with decent stats and I want to try and add the y
  4. Finally got my dung beetle. Took a second argent all the way to the desert from Oluf Jungle and tamed a lvl 37. Only managed to die once when an anthropleura came out of nowhere (I looked all around before I set down) leading 3 vultures with it. Glad I placed a bed close by. Finished the tame and began the long flight home with the dung beetle safely in my argents clutches. He's now in his wooden cage next to my blue phiomia. That really should not have taken as long as it has. I'm not sure whether to start the next dino project (Rex breeding) or begin construction on the second phase of my ba
  5. My streak of poor fortune continues. Decided to load up an argent and go to the desert in search of a dung beetle. Halfway there I spot a red beacon with the gold ring. I land, claim my goodies (a C4 detonator blueprint and a mammoth saddle) and die immediately to a 145 smilodon and friends. My mount quickly follows. RIP Cloud Dancer, my first blue and grey argent. At least she had offspring in her colors already.
  6. I named mine that because he only tamed at lvl 18. I imagine thats who he fights like.
  7. Had a disastrous few days. Caught some kind of stomache bug from my nephew who had spent the week in Disneyland so I was trying to make the best of my sick days. Turns out I was too sick to make good decisions. Was farming chitin in the jungle cave when the server spasmed and somehow dropped me through the floor into a huge cavern full of lava and abandoned fortifications. Got knocked off my mount somehow into the lava and lost my favorite mount; a 260ish forrest green pelagornis with over 3khp, 1k stamina and 500% MD with a perfect imprint. (I like the pelagornis, theres nothing bad about a f
  8. I can't give you thumbs up MirageUK but your place looks great!
  9. Decided to take two tribemates and set up a griffin trap on Ragnarok. Spent about 30 mins setting up the trap and the next two hours flying around looking for a griffin. We finally find one and in our excitement we didn't really check it's level. We lure it into the trap, which works perfectly, and proceed to down it with tranq arrows. Turns out its level 15. We tame it easily and it comes out at level 18. It's stats are terrible, it only has 800 HP, 60% Melee Damage and it's stamina and weight are barely enough to get it off the ground. We named it Peter Griffin because it's the worst griffin
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