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  1. Wildcard becomes way too much hate.. for a game we all love so much we shouldn’t do that. It’s a game not a car or something. Most of us played this game more then any other game and doing hate now lol that’s not fair if you don’t like this game anymore play another one because the money was worth it if you see the hours you played and had fun
  2. And now even more people know how to mesh. It’s the same like show how to print excellent money at home on primetime lol Exploits will always be there but it will destroy the game if everyone know how to do it. In case of something you can’t stop (exploits the same like real organized criminal) you have to reduce damage. And youtubers like Hod don’t help.
  3. Never had to wait more then 4 days if I made a ticket. It’s not easy to fix this mesh problems that’s why it’s not fixed. People on YouTube don’t show vids about meshing because they care about the game. They show vids like this because of subs and likes. Yes wildcard have to fu**ing fix this but it takes time. Since atlas release ark is getting better they are faster in patch something then ever before! They respond to tickets faster then ever the same for wiping mesh bases. I don’t care if there are a few people out there know to exploit. Because exploits are in ANY game. But I care when BIG youtubers scream out to every kid on this world how to ruin this game!
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