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  1. Don’t misunderstand. I enjoyed Ark a lot, but I paid almost 75 usd for Ark Survival Evolved and all of the expansions packs. I’m not going to pay another 60 usd just for a brighter shinier model that lacks all of the excellent mods that exist for Ark Survival Evolved. New creatures and new features won’t be enough. 

    Your company has made a lot of promises that you have yet to keep. Some promises you’ve even gone back on. 

    The customers you are hurting the most are the ones who have already paid the original full price for Evolved. In poker, the joker is often used as the wildcard. Just because you call yourself Studio Wildcard, doesn’t mean you should act like a joker. 

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  2. Even Wildcard is struggling to quit Ark I, the addiction is just that bad. At this point, Ark II is just a dream, a nice idea, with good concepts, but it just won’t come to fruition. 

    I can’t understand why they are bothering to release a new creature when they are going to cancel official servers on Ark Survival Evolved. Companies are going to lie, but the amount of lying and deceiving that Wildcard and Snail inc has done is amazing and not in the good way. They didn’t need to remaster all of Ark Survival Evolved to get a handle on UE5. A smarter business move would be to put Ark Survival Ascended on hold, finish Ark II and release it, then go back to finish remastering Ark Survival Evolved all while slowly phasing out the official servers. Then once Ark Survival Ascended is 110% complete they can release it in it’s entirety and be able to bank in on fan nostalgia and make even more money than they would with the current plan they have decided to go with. With the current plan, they are losing customers rapidly. 

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  3. We were promised early access Ark II in 2021. Here’s some advise...


    1. Don’t make anyone any promises, even if you are so sure you can keep them. It’s less of a let down when you can’t deliver. This is why Activision has remained as silent as the grave on Spyro 4, despite evidence that they are working on it. 

    2. Don’t count your game mechanics before they are developed. Activision taught me this as well. They promised certain features in the Skylander games and when those games released the features they promised were absent or were very different from what they made it out to be. It was a huge disappointment.

    3. Don’t let Snail inc dictate a deadline to you. It puts pressure on you to create something quickly rather than perfectly. Just look at Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. The devs on that game rushed it to meet a Christmas deadline and it came out as an extremely buggy and glitchy game with bad graphics. Perfection takes time. Just look at Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar allowed themselves as much time as was need to put out a masterpiece game. That game is so well made, that even people who never bought the first Red Dead or any of the GTA games are buying it. 

    4. Listen to the consumers. Consumers and producers have expectations. Producers fund the products, but the consumers buy the product. If the product meets the producers expectations, but falls short of the consumers, then the consumers are going to turn their noses up at it. There are many of us, myself for one, who aren’t going to buy Ark II right away. I’m going to let YouTubers try it first. This point should be heard and understood by the devs, the producers and the investors. If the consumers aren’t happy, then they have wasted their money and your time. Just look at all of the recent flops Disney has put out and continues to put out. They’ve ignored consumer feedback and have wasted their investor’s money. 

    I wish you developers luck with your endeavors. A final proverb of wisdom: a wise man learns from his mistakes, a wiser man learns from others mistakes. That is why I have given examples of other companies that have had failures and success. 

  4. I’m sorry you are determined to stick to your price. I said in a previous comment that I wasn’t going to buy Ark Survival Ascended because of the toxic PvP players, but I have more reasons now to not buy it. I just found out that Snail Inc is a China based company who answers to the CCP. What makes you think I am going to pay 50.00 usd to have my data taken and given to the CCP. I never had any interest in getting Ark II. I don’t even play The Survival of the Fittest in any of its forms. And I don’t support this paid mod support setup. Hasbro and WoTC tried that with the D&D OGL 2.0. Their community rebelled against them too. How many mods has this game’s developers taken and made official? This is literally setting mod creators up to be robbed. If the developers see something they really like, take it, make it official and leave the mod creator with nothing. How many mods have become obsolete over the years? Think of all the great mods they have already taken and implemented as official dlc or tlc. 

    To my fellow survivors, you must break this addiction to Ark and move on. This whole roadmap stinks of bad business and the stench of it is most foul. Don’t give in. 

  5. First of all, the supreme courts ruling on the overturn of Roe vs Wade DID NOT mean they were taking abortion away as a constitutional right. They were giving the power back to the individual states to decide. Abortion is no longer going to be an issue on the federal level. Each individual state has it’s own state constitution. It is now for the individual states to decide whether abortion is a state constitutional right. 

    Second, you want to discuss taking away how a constitutional right, what about the constitutional right in the security of a free state the right of the people to bear arms shall never be infringed upon. But you are very right. As soon as our government starts to take away or even infringe upon one right, no matter the right or the reason, then yes, all of our rights will be in peril. So we should be speaking in defense of each and every one of our rights, even in and especially in the faces of tragedy. 

    Thirdly, Studio Wildcard, you are a video game developer, not a political body. Please leave the political issues to the political forums. This is not the place for political issues. When you start to bring current political issues to a game focused community, you alienate your community who is going to be just as divided on it. 


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  6. 12 hours ago, Joedeadpool said:

    Personally believe the the Current lead team of devs are horrendous be it the lack of evo events and the current state of ark 1, I am quite certain that nobody in WC plays official console servers weather it be PvP or PvE and it shows you multitudes of servers plagued by duper’s pvp is almost impossible to play with out running into cheaters with aim bots and etc. 

    What it shows me and should be a huge concern to everyone else is that they do not care about ark 1 nor will they care about ark 2 period. Don’t buy it with the current staff building this game it will be a huge mess just look at their track record 

    Have some more respect for what the developers do. You can't expect the developers to be able to stay on top of cheaters and hackers. They release a patch and those cheaters and hackers are immediately working on their own work arounds. Cheaters and hackers are constantly evolving and adapting to new updates and developments. And honestly, I would never want to see Wildcard go to the same level of extreme as Rockstar does and threaten lawsuits for tampering with their games.

    Games have glitches and the devs do their absolute best to fix them to the best of their abilities, but while they may fix one problem, that fix may cause another problem. We see that with mods not being compatible with each other. And yes, they are shifting their focus from Ark 1 to Ark 2 right now, devoting more and more of their teams to Ark 2.

    I knew Ark 1 had a lot of crashing problems. I came to the PC version after playing the even more problematic Mobile version and I only picked that up after watching TagBackTV play the PC version. Ark 1 has its many, numerous problems. I couldn't even play any of the missions on Genesis 2 today because of the constant crashing. I've had many saved files I've had to delete because something about the file was corrupted and I couldn't play it anymore. Do I regret buying the game? Absolutely not, I enjoy playing it over and over and over again when I can. I'm still discovering new things in the game. It's a shame the game was void of NPCs to interact with, especially on Genesis Part 2. There was so much they could have added to make it so much more immersive than just a survival game. But I guess that's what I get being too shy to play on the servers and sticking only to the single player. No game out there is going to be 100% perfect. There is always going to be some bug, some glitch, some exploit that players will discover. 

  7. On 8/21/2018 at 5:33 PM, ParadoxYT said:

    unfortunately, we will most likely not be able to get the god console, even though pc xbox and ps3/4 make god console free. i don’t get it either, but apparentally the developers wanted to make it so that people had to pay for something that was going to be extremely popular. not cool devs, come on. (you could always make a item in the store like a ‘tame rex/giga spawner’ that is one use, and costs like 50-150 amber? just a thought? also could work for pteras since they’re popular early game tames. hope you guys read this and implement some of my suggestions...?

    This app is free, whereas the PC/Xbox versions are around 60.00 dollars. If they didn't charge you for somethings, they'll never make any money to further update the app. The app would be a broken project for them. They have to make money somewhere, because there is no guarantee that the app will inspire people to look into and buy the full blown versions on the PC and Xbox. It makes sense to me. God mode costs 15 dollars on Mobile whereas you paid 60.00 dollars for god mode on the PC/Xbox. Seems reasonable to me.

  8. On 8/14/2018 at 9:15 PM, TroyParry said:

    You keep adding money making stuff but not fixing most of the common crash bugs. I’m not spending on the game again until it’s stable, my game crash often opening inventory, but also many other random crash, not safe to play in pvp!

    also, the game has such bad ping and FPS. I’m often 140ms and 7.5fps.

    1gbps fiber connection, playing near the modem.

    I agree. I was interested in buying the full PC version, but I know that has the same problems that the mobile version does. I had even been considering paying the money for the god console, but with how often the game crashes and with the developers lying about the crash fixes i.e. cave crashes,  I am less inclined to spend 15 or even 60 dollars for the game. Its just not worth it and I don't even see how the game makes any money with all the problems it has. If they want to make money they need to convince customers that their product will be worth buying and they are failing at that. I already noticed that one customer stated that God Console doesn't work and wants their money back. 

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