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  1. Disable the weather I know others have asked this question, but every answer they got never really helped me out. I want to disable the weather on my single player game. I am extremely new to Ark on the PC, having only just purchased it in April. I am still learning how everything works. I would really appreciate it if someone could post the step-by-step process that I need to take to alter my game.ini file to disable the rain and the fog so that it doesn’t disrupt my game play anymore.
  2. Just keep breeding and always breed the highest stats back into each other. Same thing with the Dodos and the mammoths. It’s entirely a random numbers game. Sometimes you’ll get it, sometimes you won’t. Just stick with it and you’ll get there eventually. I always have at least 8 mares surrounding 1 stallion. Once they are all preg, I stop the wondering on the stallion to prevent any unauthorized breeding. Once the babies are born, claimed and raised to adulthood, I clear out the slowest ones until I have the the 8 fastest mares and the 1 fastest stallion and breed them all over again.
  3. My advise, get a super fast dino, one that can outrun raptors, saddle it up and go get those explorer notes. I start on the west coast of the island, between 50 and 60 lat and before I start my run I watch the ad to get double xp points, then grab the first explorer note, which will get another double xp boost, so I'll be getting a 4x xp boost. And then I'll work my way along the southern coasts. If done right, by the time, I get all the way to the east coast, ending off with the stegosaurus dossier, I'll have hit 50+ levels. It is a trial and error course though and I've played new games nume
  4. I haven't seen ANY gigas on my single player maps, which is really rare. They always seemed to show up at the most inconvenient times and in the most inconvenient places, but now they don't show up at all. Not pretty ones, nor ugly ones. At this point, I'd take an ugly one if I could get just one to spawn in...even a low level one.
  5. My Swift Equus was bred, but as I recall, my Lazy Equus was tamed. I actually have 2 Swift Equus. One is 3.10, the other is 3.43. Both are female too. Another fun thing I did to test out each equus was to see if it could jump a fence. The Lazy Equus couldn't even jump a railing.
  6. When you activate "Show Character Names" in green letters above the Equus it'll say "Swift Equus" or "Lazy Equus". One thing I'll do to keep track of my breeding stock I'll rename and put in what their Equus Power is. All of my Stallions have Quagga in their name. So my main breeding stallion is named Quagga Mustang 2.73. The 2.73 is his Equus Power. My mares are named something and something, one mare being Cream and Sugar 2.31, the other being Ebony and Ivory 2.63. I recently bred my Quagga Mustang 2.73 with my Ebony and Ivory 2.63 and got a colt Quagga Zebra 2.70. So just like breeding for
  7. I have an Equus that’s a 3.10 Swift Equus. I also had a 1.35 Lazy Equus.
  8. Today’s daily pursuit was breed parasaurs. Both of my parent parasaurs are wild, Gen 0. I got a mutation without even trying to. Without using your guide and without using pheromones. Mutations are random. It’s nice that you took the time to compile a guide for breeding, but it really is just a game of chance.
  9. So I have a griffin named Faruuon. If, for whatever reason, I had to tame it again, you're saying that if my name ends with 'uon' or if my name is Sir Faruuon, I can earn it's respect and tame it?
  10. Have you checked your tamed dino list to see if she shows up?
  11. What about all of the glowing pumpkins that are showing up on the island? How often do they spawn in? Are they confined only to the swamp and redwood forest biome? I’m so excited ? by them!!!
  12. The problem with the frog and scorpion is your argy may run out of energy, giving the Quetzal time to escape. I lost track of a Quetzal that way and I still haven't been able to find it. And it seems that since the recent update, Quetzals are few and far between. I had three on my single player game and now I can only find one and that one I can't find because I don't know where it went. Confusing? I know. My advice is, always carry your knock out equipment with you even if you aren't planning on bringing down a Quetzal. I find I run into them when I'm not looking for them.
  13. This app is free, whereas the PC/Xbox versions are around 60.00 dollars. If they didn't charge you for somethings, they'll never make any money to further update the app. The app would be a broken project for them. They have to make money somewhere, because there is no guarantee that the app will inspire people to look into and buy the full blown versions on the PC and Xbox. It makes sense to me. God mode costs 15 dollars on Mobile whereas you paid 60.00 dollars for god mode on the PC/Xbox. Seems reasonable to me.
  14. I agree. I was interested in buying the full PC version, but I know that has the same problems that the mobile version does. I had even been considering paying the money for the god console, but with how often the game crashes and with the developers lying about the crash fixes i.e. cave crashes, I am less inclined to spend 15 or even 60 dollars for the game. Its just not worth it and I don't even see how the game makes any money with all the problems it has. If they want to make money they need to convince customers that their product will be worth buying and they are failing at that. I alre
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