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  1. CadieStarfire

    Great Work Ark Devs

    Now that I've gotten over the enraging situation of losing my original single player file and have calmed down I want to say THANK YOU!!! so much for adding Spinosaurus TLC. Its so much fun to run around on. While the Dodo isn't my most favorite creature on the island due to them being so sadly inaccurate to the real Dodo, I have had a lot of fun breeding it to massive size. Dodos really weren't that stupid and were actually known to have been rather aggressive. The sailors that landed on Mauritius reported that they had numerous tussles with the dodos. I cried when I read the dossier on the dodo. By giving the Ark Dodos the old wives tale stereotyping of the dodo it was HUGE disservice to an incredible animal that, had man not brought pigs to Mauritius we might still have around today. I would like to see wild Dodos be given a short-tempered temperament, they won't attack unless provoked. In any case, I have had a lot of fun playing with the Dodos and I'd love to see Dilos, Dimetrodons and Archaeopteryx be breedable for larger size and riding ability. I'm always seeing Megalodons breaching out of the water (not sure if that's on purpose or a glitch) and every time I do I wish my tamed Megalodons could do that. If we got more fun TLC stuff like this, I'd be okay with not seeing any new animals on Ark Mobile. I still wish there was a Saddle Stand in the game, even if the display of the saddle was a shrunken down one. I'd also really love it if the God Console had the ability to remove the blue/brown tinting and the haziness of the water and make it as clear as the surface is. I found a gorgeous Megalodon, but i can't enjoy it true colors because the blue tinting alters the colors on it. There's a mod for the PC version that scans the map and will show the player what animals are on the map and where their general location is. I would love to see a Dino Radar engram added in that would do this, maybe as an attachment for the GPS. I've also been thinking about the Royal Griffin and how its difficult to tame because they take Griffin Kibble, as do the unicorn. But griffins don't drop eggs, you have to breed them to get eggs. Then I thought, hey there isn't any Giganotosaurus Kibble. Gigas are very rare in the game, they kill with one chomp so snatching the eggs freely won't be easy and taming them takes a lot of skill too. The recipe could be something like Giga Egg, Frog Legs/Neura Husk, Mejoberries, Fiber, Honey and water. It would be a challenging and exotic kibble to acquire, perfect for taming a creature of Royalty.
  2. CadieStarfire

    Griffin taming

    The Royal Griffin, exclusive to mobile can do everything the Console and PC version can do and more. At least the Royal Griffin is breedable without having to mod the game.
  3. CadieStarfire

    Equus not taming

    If you have it in a taming pen that is one square wide and made of door frames, walk one square away from it, leave the game and go back in, it'll be calmed down, turn to face it, if you have to, approach it slowly until you get the prompt for passive taming. I've passive tamed ALL of my Equus using this method and it's so much better than riding it and getting dizzy and disoriented. If it freaks out, then just leave the game and go back in, you won't lose any taming progress, but it'll calm back down and you can resume passive taming it. If people want, I can post pictures of my Equus taming pens so people can see how I corral up, pen in and tame them up. Also, use Dilo Kibble, not Rockarrots.
  4. CadieStarfire


    How many Eery Candies do you get when you craft them? You can buy Eery Candies from the In-Game store 1 for 5 amber, 10 for 40 amber. Crafting them costs 10 amber. Is crafting them even worth it?
  5. CadieStarfire

    Titanosaur taming support

    Since taming a Titanosaur is a pursuit, could you please do something to make knocking it out a little be easier on single player. I don't like having to spend all day chasing one around, missing shots, getting harassed by Argentavis, accidentally straying into the Titanosaurs attack range and getting killed, running out of guns and ammo and not even getting close to knocking it out. It is so annoying and so frustrating. Titanosaurs were clearly designed to be brought down with tribal cooperation and not in single player, having one person piloting the quetz, with another person on a canon. In single player I feel we've been put at an unfair disadvantage. I have spent so many days trying to knock one out and not even coming close. Yeah I can put a canon on my quetzal, but by the time i get in position, dismount, aim the canon, the stupid Titanosaur moves and is no longer in position and I have to remount my Quetzal and move again. Then yes, I can use my rocket launchers, but they don't do nearly enough torpor and they break after so many shots. Something needs to be changed about this, either adding in a new type of single player exclusive head-mounted canon for the Quetzal where the canon can be attached to the Quetzal's head and can be loaded and fired without having to dismount and also give the strafing ability like the griffins and Tapejara. Or otherwise making it to where normal torpor inflicting weapons i.e. tranq darts and arrows will work on them in single player. Taming a quetzal in single player is easy, taming a Titanosaur in single player is the impossible mission of mission impossible.
  6. CadieStarfire

    Wonky Whistling

    Whistling one tame is completely broken. I can be standing directly in front of the one I want to whistle and I'll end up whistling the one five paces away. I can pull my spyglass out and look through it at the one I want to whistle and I'll end up whistling the one five paces to the left or right. Sometimes I have to walk up to the one I want to whistle and then turn around just to get it to follow me. I don't want to whistle all and have all of my tames come running towards me. Either way, I cannot whistle the one I am targeting to follow or stop.
  7. CadieStarfire

    iOS update

    Used to be my old save file white screen crashed. Now it just crashes during the loading screen, doesn't even make it to the white screen. But I'm dropping the matter now. It's painfully obvious that the problem will never be resolved. What hurts the most is losing my Giganotosaurus statue. I worked hard to get that statue and it's become increasingly more difficult to get amber from the artifacts.
  8. CadieStarfire

    DoDos and kibble

    That deal with the dodo and kibble only happens when you put it in their inventory and feed them. If you apply it to the hot bar and tap on it to feed the dodo for imprinting, it does disappear.
  9. CadieStarfire


    Someone needs to put more information about this on the wiki. All it says is that feathers are dropped by Dodo's 1.56 or larger.
  10. CadieStarfire

    iOS crashing conundrum

    They're losing money, too. Their iOS customers are mad and angry and have stopped playing the game. TagTV on YouTube mentioned that Extinction has been working right for him, so he's completely stopped playing the game. The Wardrums haven't issued a formal apology or statement on the matter of this issue on Ark Mobile. And other apps that I play on, when they have a serious problem like this, they at least give their players a large sum of "real money purchase only resources" for free to help soothe the frustration. The first time that happened for me, it blew my mind away and I highly recommended the game to other people. I would have been completely fine and dropped the matter if they had just issued to all iOS users at least 1000 Amber to non-primal pass users and 2000 to 3000 Amber to Primal Pass users. I'm just trying to help them not lose their paying customers. And I'm sure they are just as frustrated with the situation as we are. This may not even be an Ark problem,. As far as we know, only Apple products are having this problem. So it could just be that something in the programming of our Apple devices is causing this problem. If this is just an Apple product problem, then I'd like to see the Wardrums work with Apple and Apple work with the Wardrums jointly to help solve the problem. The day before the Wardrums released the Equus update, Apple released an iOS update. As for the Wardrums, the screen goes white just before the game loads in, whether there is a crash or not. And there was at one point I did get the my crashing file to actually come up before it crashed. So there's no saying that it is a "white screen crash". When we go to play on our save files, the screen shows the red and black screen with the large A and the three blinking dots, then the screen goes white for a few seconds and then save file renders in. It's between the screen going white and the save file rendering in that the crash happens. But whether there is a crash or not, the screen still goes white regardless. I"m not angry or mad at the developers, I'm angry and mad at the situation.
  11. CadieStarfire

    Ark mobile taming app available?

    Having had success in my own equus breeding all i can say about it is this. Breeding for Swift Equus/Unicorns is a lot like breeding for mutations. It's all just a random numbers game. It's a matter of breeding and re-breeding and constantly breeding the highest Equus Power Mare with the highest Equus Power Stallion. It will also take some inbreeding to get the higher powers.
  12. CadieStarfire

    iOS crashing conundrum

    I'm not on a phone. I'm on a 32 gigabyte iPad Pro with 20 gigabytes of storage space available.
  13. CadieStarfire

    iOS crashing conundrum

    So my 38,783kB file white screen crashes, my 22,902kB file white screen crashes, but my 25,058 file is perfectly fine and 100% accessible and playable. My 38,783kB file is my oldest, my 25,058kB file is my second oldest and I started my 22,902B file is my newest file. I've been playing my 22,902kB file most of the day just fine today, up until the sound cut out, so I went back to the main screen, saved my game, then closed the app, when I went to play it again, it white screen crashed, the same way my 38,783kB file does. I'm confused. I've been told that white screen crashes happen as a result of there not being enough RAM. So explain to me why it is that my largest and smallest files are white screen crashing, but the file in the middle is just fine.
  14. CadieStarfire

    mystery purple dye recipe?

    If you scroll through the list of dyes that you can purchase from the Dye Studio, you'll notice there are two Purple Dyes. One of the purple dyes you can craft in the cooking pot with 9 Azulberries, 9 Tintoberries and 2 pieces of charcoal. The other purple dye's recipe is a complete mystery. It's not listed on the wiki. Does this second Purple dye even have a recipe?
  15. CadieStarfire

    Mega Dinos not spawning

    I was playing on Single Player. While I'm waiting for the iOS issue to get completely sorted out I've been playing around on the different Single Player Modes. On Easy Mode they spawn in at a regular rate, but on Hard and Brutal Modes, they don't spawn in hardly at all...which I would have thought it would be the opposite. I would have thought Hard and especially Brutal modes would have had even more than one spawning in an area to increase the challenge.