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  1. CadieStarfire


    I would love to see the wyvern and rock drake added to the game, even if it was just during a limited time seasonal event.
  2. CadieStarfire

    Tannery and Saddle Questions

    I noticed in the Known Issues topic that Mosasaur and Tusoteuthis saddles were missing from the Tannery. The standard Mosasaur Saddle and Tusoteuthis Saddle appear in my tannery, but one question remains. Is the Mosasaur Platform Saddle supposed to appear in the Tannery? How come there isn't a Giganotosaurus Platform Saddle and a Spinosaur Platform Saddle? A Spinosaur Platform Saddle would be so cool, straddling the sail and programmed so that one could place a chair and fish off the Spinosaurus. And the Giganotosaurus is big enough and epic enough that it should support a platform saddle.
  3. CadieStarfire

    Transponder Tracker and Nodes

    This is on Ark Mobile, not PC or Console! Thank you all for trying to help. Bugs found on the PC and Console versions are not going to be present on the Ark Mobile versions because the systems are different.
  4. CadieStarfire

    Trees and vegetation respawn

    What do I have to do to stop trees and vegetation from respawning through structures and pavement? They’re ruining the appearance of my garden! The picture I’ve provided shows the example of this. That tree respawned right through my gravel paving and directly behind it is my Spinosaur statue. That statue is placed upon stone foundations with stone railing surrounding it.
  5. CadieStarfire

    Halloween Spooktacular Contest!

    What about all of the glowing pumpkins that are showing up on the island? How often do they spawn in? Are they confined only to the swamp and redwood forest biome? I’m so excited 😝 by them!!!
  6. CadieStarfire

    You broke the Swamp Cave

    I literally just went through the whole cave five times and ran into on average 1-2 spiders and/or scorpions. With no clothes on save for a gas mask and a sword and shield, I can tackle this cave with the ease of a hot knife through butter. I have a tougher time with the Lower South Cave, which is sad considering I'm level 66, started tackling this cave at level 54 and upon entering the cave I get that prompt that states the cave is too dangerous at my current level. Back when the Meganuera spawned in the Swamp Cave, I'd run into on average numerous packs of 6-8 spiders and 3-6 scorpions at the various chambers in the cave. Why not replace Meganuera with Kaprosuchus in the Swamp Cave? They both have the stamina draining poison, Kaprosuchus has that ability to disorient the player when they pack the player around like a dog packs a rag doll around, Kaprosuch is a terrestrial swamp dweller and it'll help restore a level of difficulty to the swamp cave, maybe even add difficulty to it considering Kaprosuchus shreds through clothing when it grabs and holds it's prey.
  7. CadieStarfire

    Swamp Cave Difficulty...drop

    I tried to use the scuba in conjunction with the ghillie and it didn’t work. So I farmed up a bunch of gas masks from the Artifact of the strong. Yeah the meganuera lagged out the game, but because I routinely saved after clearing out a section it the lag to crash never bothered me and I never complained. The only complaint I had was my beelzebufo had such high attack that it killed them without aggroing them all into attack mode so I could spam kill the whole bunch, but that was my fault for leveling up it’s attack. I got my beelzebufo at a mere level 24, it’s now my highest level mount at level 72. Before the update, Swamp Cave used to spawn in so many scorpions and so many spiders. But now...I literally only run into one to two of them. If I could get a decent mount into the Ice Cave, that would be level up central. The wolves, bats and yetis hit so much harder than spiders and scorpions. Yeah I could breed a critter and hatch one out in the cave...but every time I want to enter? No thank you. I’ll stick to my current Ice Cave mount, even though it doesn’t hit like a truck.
  8. CadieStarfire

    Swamp Cave Difficulty...drop

    From the Outpost, an Amber purchasable crafting station, but scuba only works when in conjunction with ghillie.
  9. CadieStarfire

    Swamp Cave Difficulty...drop

    I was a level 71 when I started tackling the Swamp Cave. Upon entering it, I got the little prompt that told me the cave was dangerous at my level, but I ignored it and took the challenge and beat it. It was easy then. We've gotten through it innumerable times. I loved the challenge of it. But since they took the Meganuera out, this cave is easier than Lower South Cave. If it weren't for requiring the Gas Mask, which you can get free ones from tributing the Artifact of the Strong, anyone could take on this cave with a Beelzebufo.
  10. CadieStarfire

    Contradicting discriptions

    So in the shop the description for the pheromones states that "will lead to a highly resilient egg with 3x mutation" on the carnivore one and "a resilient fast-hatching egg with 3x mutation rates". but the purchased vile says "will lead to a highly resilient egg with 2x mutation" on the carnivore one and "a resilient fast-hatching egg with 2x mutation rates. That's a little confusing. Is it 3x mutation or 2x mutation?
  11. CadieStarfire

    Beached Sea Creatures

    I just had to kill one of my Mosasaurs because it got beached, I had to kill two max level Megalodons because they got beached. They don't die when they get beached, there's no way to get them unstuck, they just become a waste of tame space, forcing me to kill them because of their worthlessness. And it's especially painful when something as rare as a Mosasaurus gets beached. Why is beached/stuck sea creatures even a thing? It's one of the reasons why I wish players could request them. If you can program the game to allow land tames to be teleported anywhere on land, how hard would it be to program the game to allow sea tames to be teleported anywhere in the sea.
  12. CadieStarfire

    Why can’t I make a custom recipe?

    Even though it clearly states on the Note Consumable that we can put it in a cooking pot to make a Custom Recipe? False advertising much. This not the only thing in the game that has inaccurate description text.
  13. CadieStarfire

    Disappearing dinos

    I delved into the Ice Cave numerous times to farm up enough amber, then I went and killed the quetz, took the chip to an obelisk, revived it, chain bolas it and then knocked it out. It was only a level five and I have an ascendant longneck rifle, so it only took three darts. Some people might say that's cheating, but the Ice Cave is not easy and it took several trips because they don't always award amber and it cost me 21 amber. I would have tried to bring it down the other way, but there are allosaurus, rexes, raptors and that level 14 Giganotosaurus below where the quetzal was flying about, so I decided it was safer to just go caving, kill the quetz and then revive it. Funny enough, later the same day I was out on my Giganotosaurus and spotted another quetzal and with my first Quetzal I was able to bring that one down without needing amber. Unfortunately the stupid app kept crashing, but thankfully a quetz kept spawning in the same area...different looking one every time. First one was a gorgeous emerald green winged one, second one was solid blue, and the last one was just as ugly as my first one. I now have a breeding pair of Quetzals. Just too bad it's in single player, I would gladly do trading if it had been on a multiplayer server.
  14. CadieStarfire

    Disappearing dinos

    I FOUND THE QUETZ!!! And I tamed it. It’s an ugly buzzard of a quetz, but it’s a start.
  15. CadieStarfire

    Disappearing dinos

    Has anyone else had an issue of wild dinos suddenly disappearing? I know I saw a Quetzal over by the mountain nearest to Carnivore Island and I KNOW I saw a Level 14 Giganotosaurus on the same mountain. Both have suddenly vanished. I can't find them anywhere. There was only ever 2 Giganotosaurus on my Single Player map, I tamed the one (can I just say that it is embarrassing that I tamed a Giganotosaurus before I could tame a Quetzal, they really need to make taming the Quetzal easier in single player especially when they give you a free saddle for it) and now that I have my confidence up, I went to see about luring the Lvl 14 Giga to my taming pen and I couldn't find it anywhere. Same thing with the Quetzal, I had seen it by the mountain numerous times, but when I went to go and try to tame it, it was nowhere to be found. I even went as far as establishing a search grid and I still can't find it. I wish they had that mod for the PC version of Ark that scans the server and will tell you what dinos are on the map. At least then I'd know if they still are on the map. It's so frustrating.