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  1. CadieStarfire

    Transponder Tracker and Nodes

    I've placed transponder nodes on my dinos so I can find them, the nodes work for about 1 hour and then stop working. I had to leave my work force to go get something from base so I put nodes on my work force so I could find them again because I seem to be having trouble finding them, but as I was on my way back, I tried to use the tracker in conjunction with the GPS and nothing. It didn't work. What am I doing wrong? It worked fine when I was harvesting resources, but when I left the area, it stopped working.
  2. CadieStarfire

    A Connection

    I've been noticing that when the game crashes, at least while playing single player, when I come back into the game it's almost like the game doesn't recognize that my device is connected to the wifi. I can't watch ads to receive the XP bonus or amber. I can still receive the free prize, but it's usually useless to me. If the game crashes again, sometimes it re-establishes the wifi link. Sometimes it's back to full strength, other times I can only get the XP bonus. I lost out on a perfect 100% imprinted wolf because the game wouldn't recognize the wifi connection and allow me to watch an ad to get the amber necessary to purchase another Eery candy. I know that its a connection issue because before I had already had the pup 100% imprinted, then the game crashed and rolled me back to before I had the eery candy, candy that I had received from watching an ad. When I came back in, I couldn't watch the ad to get the amber and when I tapped the little present, I didn't get an ad, it just presented me with the gift of stamina potion. This lack of an ad usually only happens when I've been without a wifi connection. When I noticed this, I double double checked my device's wifi and it was fully connected with a 5G wifi signal, but for some reason the game didn't recognize. Ever since, I've been paying attention to the game crashing and the game's recognition of the wifi connection and there is always a correlation. I don't know if this is why the game is crashing, if there is a connection between the two, but I thought I'd mention it.
  3. CadieStarfire

    Seeing double?

    My settings are on epic. I have noticed that the trees are failing to render in in 3D lately. Some will render in in 3D but only when you've literally got your nose right in the trunk. My graphics quality is on epic and resolution is at maximum. This happened before, but the last update seemed to have fixed it...till now.
  4. CadieStarfire

    Freezing Cold Water

    I’m experiencing a problem of the water being colder than normal even with very good hypothermic clothing on. Central Cave’s water used to be pleasant with just standard chitin gear on, now I have mastercraft fur chestpiece and ramshackle fur gauntlets on and the water is dangerously cold. I can’t even go in the ocean because it’s dangerously cold even when I had full fur armor on ramshackle and higher. It didn’t used to be this way. It was manageable when I got my mosasaur, but now I can’t even reach the drop offs before I being warned of dangerously cold water. I wore just my mastercraft fur chestpiece and ramshackle gauntlets into the ice cave, didn’t have pants or boots on and was fine up until a few sections near the artifact. Why is it that I can go through the coldest cave and be fine, but I can’t go into the swamp without getting a prompt telling me the water is cold?
  5. CadieStarfire

    Seeing double?

    Am I supposed to be seeing ghostly doubles when wearing the diving goggles? Because if that is the case, then the goggles are falsely advertised, my underwater vision is far better without them than with them.
  6. CadieStarfire

    Can’t request water creatures

    Yeah, but what if you’re stuck in the middle of the ocean with death on all sides and need to call for help but can’t because land creatures won’t be teleported when you’re in water and you can’t request aquatic creatures. Transponder nodes aren’t much help then.
  7. CadieStarfire

    Giga implant is missing after we knock it out

    No, I have two Castoroids that I tranquilized and they didn’t have their Dino implants either. I didn’t kill them and I myself didn’t die, they simply didn’t have an implant on them. I always check for the implant the second an animal becomes unconscious, because I have had cases where a creature I was taming got killed by something. So yes, there is a bug with the implants missing and it isn’t as uncommon as you think, it’s very common among Castoroids as I have tranquilized more than six of them that didn’t have implants and I’ve had babies born without implants. I had a procoptodon male that didn’t have one when I tranquilized it and it was devastating when he got killed, because I didn’t have the implant to revive him.
  8. CadieStarfire

    Too few tamable dinos

    Back when the caves were having problems so bad I had to restart my game I set up on Herbivore island and all I did was breed parasaurs and I did manage to get a few mutations, but only on stats, I never saw any color mutations.
  9. CadieStarfire

    Too few tamable dinos

    Mine says 40. How did you get 50?
  10. CadieStarfire

    Gigs problems

    I have the same problem up by the Blue Obelisk. On Single Player, I have a taming pen up there for dire wolves, but if I leave the area, the wolves will fall through the world and be lost. I've also had them glitch through the fence and attack me. I've made a point to create save points so if something dumb like that happens I can back out and restore my last save. So I'll need to mine up the resources for the giga taming pen, but I won't need gates or bear traps. I found a BETTER way, just walk right up and start setting the stuff down without any problems from the giga. What is this trickery? The trickery is a dinosaur that gets no love from the community. Megalosaurus. I saddled up on mine and walked right up to it, started biting the giga in the tail and the giga just stood there and took it. Didn't aggro on me, didn't attack me, just stood there and did nothing.
  11. CadieStarfire

    Mobile Procoptodon abilities?

    It has the hind kick ability when you swipe down on the left side of the screen.
  12. CadieStarfire

    How to tame Achatina?

    How do you tame an Achatina? I cooked up sweet vegetable cake, but it wouldn't take it. What do they eat?
  13. CadieStarfire

    Quetzal on mobile

    The problem with the frog and scorpion is your argy may run out of energy, giving the Quetzal time to escape. I lost track of a Quetzal that way and I still haven't been able to find it. And it seems that since the recent update, Quetzals are few and far between. I had three on my single player game and now I can only find one and that one I can't find because I don't know where it went. Confusing? I know. My advice is, always carry your knock out equipment with you even if you aren't planning on bringing down a Quetzal. I find I run into them when I'm not looking for them.
  14. CadieStarfire

    A Known Issue

    I know that the game crashing when accessing inventories is a known issue, but it is REALLY BAD on the volcano. I just had to do the same exact task three times because of crashing and it rolling back to the same save point. Other areas on the map I can access the inventory maybe 5-10 times before the game crashes, but on the volcano I can only access the inventory maybe 1-2 times on the volcano. It's gotten to the point to where I'm leaving the game after every deposit of resources just to make sure I don't lose my progress and have to do it all over again. I'm reporting a known issue because I feel that if the really unstable areas get fixed first, players will be less frustrated with the crashing.
  15. CadieStarfire

    Funniest bug ever

    Okay, thank you.