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  1. Have some more respect for what the developers do. You can't expect the developers to be able to stay on top of cheaters and hackers. They release a patch and those cheaters and hackers are immediately working on their own work arounds. Cheaters and hackers are constantly evolving and adapting to new updates and developments. And honestly, I would never want to see Wildcard go to the same level of extreme as Rockstar does and threaten lawsuits for tampering with their games. Games have glitches and the devs do their absolute best to fix them to the best of their abilities, but while they may fix one problem, that fix may cause another problem. We see that with mods not being compatible with each other. And yes, they are shifting their focus from Ark 1 to Ark 2 right now, devoting more and more of their teams to Ark 2. I knew Ark 1 had a lot of crashing problems. I came to the PC version after playing the even more problematic Mobile version and I only picked that up after watching TagBackTV play the PC version. Ark 1 has its many, numerous problems. I couldn't even play any of the missions on Genesis 2 today because of the constant crashing. I've had many saved files I've had to delete because something about the file was corrupted and I couldn't play it anymore. Do I regret buying the game? Absolutely not, I enjoy playing it over and over and over again when I can. I'm still discovering new things in the game. It's a shame the game was void of NPCs to interact with, especially on Genesis Part 2. There was so much they could have added to make it so much more immersive than just a survival game. But I guess that's what I get being too shy to play on the servers and sticking only to the single player. No game out there is going to be 100% perfect. There is always going to be some bug, some glitch, some exploit that players will discover.
  2. What about all of the glowing pumpkins that are showing up on the island? How often do they spawn in? Are they confined only to the swamp and redwood forest biome? I’m so excited ? by them!!!
  3. This app is free, whereas the PC/Xbox versions are around 60.00 dollars. If they didn't charge you for somethings, they'll never make any money to further update the app. The app would be a broken project for them. They have to make money somewhere, because there is no guarantee that the app will inspire people to look into and buy the full blown versions on the PC and Xbox. It makes sense to me. God mode costs 15 dollars on Mobile whereas you paid 60.00 dollars for god mode on the PC/Xbox. Seems reasonable to me.
  4. I agree. I was interested in buying the full PC version, but I know that has the same problems that the mobile version does. I had even been considering paying the money for the god console, but with how often the game crashes and with the developers lying about the crash fixes i.e. cave crashes, I am less inclined to spend 15 or even 60 dollars for the game. Its just not worth it and I don't even see how the game makes any money with all the problems it has. If they want to make money they need to convince customers that their product will be worth buying and they are failing at that. I already noticed that one customer stated that God Console doesn't work and wants their money back.
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