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  1. Right... totally unreasonable to expect to be able to see Wyvern and Rock Drake eggs and to be able to gather them without a whip. And who needs artifacts? It is not like you would even want to have tek engrams for extinction. You guys are being totally unreasonable. The game is still in early access. Wait... Atlas is the game in early access. Ark is a "finished" game that all the DLC's have rolled out for. Ya... that sheet should be working right 4 weeks after the final DLC was released. .
  2. You will soon be able to pay for them with in game microtransactions. (rolling eyes) At least on Atlas you will.
  3. I think WC could save face by putting out a press release that they are suspending all work on Atlas until a majority of the issues with Ark are fixed and then put all of their people on fixing the major issues there. I think Atlas would be received much better if they did that.
  4. Maybe not... but that is how it seemed to me. I have been wrong before, though... but I am often correct about other things I post.
  5. I think it may backfire. I run a server cluster with about 150 players... I asked if we should get Atlas and I was the only one who voted yes. 58 people (biggest number for any poll we have ever run) said no. Atlas may not go well for them... especially since it has already been delayed 6 days proving they are still having the same problems they have always had..
  6. I think we figured out the bola thing... some places on the map there is a thin layer of water... bolos don't work in water so you have to wait until it moves to a place the map considers dry and I think both you and the thing you are trying to bola have to be on "dry land"
  7. Remember when they said optimization was something they were really good at. Such high expectations, such poor follow through.
  8. So serious question here... what does that mean for the current servers. I have about $1,000 in server time prepaid and was getting ready to put some more money into them... possibly even open another map or 2. Will Unofficial servers still be a thing after WC is done with Ark? I can't imagine you would just turn it off one day, but I have also been extremely surprised at some of your other decisions over the past 30 months so I get nervous and will probably go month to month now and not expand until I get further clarification from an official source. Not to be rude, but moderators opinions or Joe Bob's advice is not what I am looking for here. Unless it comes from someone employed by WC or Nitrado it really is just speculation. Don't really expect a reply, but I can't be the only cluster owner that is uneasy about this announcement. Thanks.
  9. My prediction for when they would announce the delay was within an hour of when they announced the delay. lol. Just late enough that people could not change their vacation plans. Glad I did not plan a vacation around the release this time.
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