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  1. How about an update for Xbox one to fix the dashboarding and ridiculous lag on Extinction? It's been over a month since the last patch. I played Rag for 8 hrs this weekend = not a single crash, only a handful of ~2 second lags. Played a few hours on Aberration, no lag and no dashboarding. Switch to Extinction and I dashboarded within 20 minutes. It's ridiculous.
  2. I'm *really* hoping it's addressed in the next patch, which is due pretty much any day now. Given that Ark was added to Xbox Game Pass on Jan 3, I'm sure MS is breathing down WC's neck to make sure it's a good experience. I switched over to Aberration in the meantime. Might as well get me a rock drake and reaper while I wait for a playable game. None of these issues on Aberration - textures all load in (fully), no dashboarding, etc.
  3. Same here - I can play ~45 min before a crash. Doesn't matter what I'm doing - I have a big base, but it crashes if I'm in the base, out of the base, clear other side of the map (with no player-made structures rendered), etc. It's made it damn near impossible to do drops or veins solo - have to have a buddy, as each will likely crash at least once. It's ridiculous. Maybe since it's been added to Game Pass they'll finally do some work to optimize.
  4. The cut to black and dashboard is the worst - I'm afraid to do the big stuff (OSD, titan, etc) cause I just know that it's going to happen right in the middle of the battle and then I'm screwed. Are you guys on Xbox One, One S, or One X? I think the original One is having trouble keeping up with Extinction.
  5. Same here on the original Xbox one. It also really seems to struggle with rendering the full-res of stuff. I've gotten used to Ark looking like a cartoon in most instances - I have several tames that I've literally never seen fully rendered. It's obnoxious.
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