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  1. Playing on unofficial. We have an Extinction map, and I have 8 gachas that give me various other necessities, but I've spent a minimum of 8-10 actual real life hours flying around the freakin sunken forest taming every single Gacha and killing every parasaur and never seen an element gacha.
  2. I don't see why this is an issue. You can collect all the element you want on the Island, but you still have to progress/ascend in order to unlock the engrams to actually use it.
  3. Now that Tek dinos have proper drops of metal/element dust, it seems fairly obvious that breeding tek dinos would be a solid way to farm element dust outside of Extinction. I have a few questions about this: Which Tek dino drops the most dust (or is it basically the same?) Is there a difference in the amount of dust that a baby drops vs an adult? What's the best way to harvest said dead dino to get the most dust?
  4. It's literally in the top center of the map. Just go to the middle of the map and then fly straight north, all the way to the edge. We didn't encounter any corrupted en route or there.
  5. It's bugged (and has been for a while). You can pick it up but it disappears shortly after. Only way to craft on Extinction is one of the titan terminals. The alpha one is the easiest - just fly to the top center of the map.
  6. Sorry to necro, but I just tamed one on an unofficial Rag server (Nitrado that was setup within the past 3 days), flew out of render, back in and already saw another one. The only caveat that I'll give is that as soon as I tamed the first one, I cryopodded it. We know that dinos in cryopods don't count towards the tame limit, so that could be a nice workaround, if that's indeed what triggered it.
  7. Haven't gotten a Featherlite yet, but otherwise the glowtail is definitely my favorite. The cave is easy enough if you Cryopod a ravager in there with you and bring a sniper
  8. The level of the blueprint has nothing to do with the quality of the blueprint. Quality (Ascendant, Ramshackle, etc) = how much it's going to cost you to build it Level = how good its base stats will be There's nothing connecting the two. I've also noticed a really obnoxious bug/feature where the blueprint that drops is lower than the Enforcer that dropped it. So you sight out a lvl 130, kill it, and the blueprint is a level 120. Super annoying. As for utility, if you can get a high level enforcer blueprint with good stat distribution, you can build it, throw it in a cryopod for a few days, and have yourself a really nice little wasteland explorer. They don't have the best HP, but their weight and melee make up for it. Once you hit a 300% melee, you're doing 400+ hits against corrupted dinos. Not too shabby, especially if you travel with 2-3 of them.
  9. Man I'd love to see a video of that, lol. Not cause I don't believe you, but because I think that'd be hilarious to watch.
  10. I would actually suggest that you start at the Portal, but only as a spawn point - follow the "tunnel" till it ends, and then drop down and build there. You get basilisks/raptors/ravagers in the Fertile Lake, too, but at least if you spawn near the portal, you're more centrally located on the map - useful as you progress for getting to the blue/red zones more quickly. My first base was in the Fertile Lake area and it took AGES to get my dinos down to the blue zone to do a trench run.
  11. I may go back in this weekend for more eggs. I really want one that's more blue.
  12. How about an update for Xbox one to fix the dashboarding and ridiculous lag on Extinction? It's been over a month since the last patch. I played Rag for 8 hrs this weekend = not a single crash, only a handful of ~2 second lags. Played a few hours on Aberration, no lag and no dashboarding. Switch to Extinction and I dashboarded within 20 minutes. It's ridiculous.
  13. Just curious - which charge pet do you normally carry?
  14. Helluva necro, but I like it. I just started playing on Aberration, been to the trench 2x. Really hoping for a blue/cyan drake.
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