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  1. I definitely agree with this entirely.
  2. No! this would totally ruin Color Mutations and event colored dinos!!!!
  3. Bring SOTF to Console that would be amazing, would definitely enlarge the playerbase.
  4. What i would really like to see is a faster reaction time to tickets and whole bunch more Devs on Console. This would help prevent meshing and several other issues!
  5. honestly wildcard if you expect this game to last (and your name as a great company that created ark) then why did you hand the ballgame over to snail games your name is already besmirched do you expect this to be any better TEA needs to be dev wiped and you need to control conquest snail games has failed Pix Ark do not let it destroy Ark Survival Evolved
  6. also about the water im thinking there will be a large body of water in a cave like aberration and a few streams because you gotta have pearls for an ark to work
  7. This thread is interesting guys keep it up y'all should look at THICKFREEDOM on YouTube has has some cool theories about some stuff don't you think y'all are over thinking this a tad bit? However those do not look like wyverns look at the end of their tails... also i was thinking of wyrms more as reptiles like basilisks not a flying creature That Element infused Reptile looks like an Ovirapter!
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