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  1. I mean you guys already made survival of the fittest why not think about bringing it to cosole and working on it more? It came,out before fortnite and obviously battle royale games are VERY popular
  2. I snuck into someones baby barn and stole 2 fertilized rex eggs that were incubating while they werent looking. Then I went over to a primitive megatribes base and drained about 200 X plants, got to their behemoth gate on the giga barn and chopped it down to about 2k health before getting caught and killed
  3. I finally get into a server on the center after a day of trying to join just to get kicked bc when I go to make my player name the keyboard screen that pulls up is just frozen?? I reset my xbox and try to search for the server again I was in but then when I press search filter the text thing is frozen on the screen again. This has happened multiple times while trying to name dinos and whenever it does happen I am required to unplug my xbox from the wall and back in to get it working properly. Very annoying the controllers home button won't even work bc of this stupid glitch
  4. Will there be primitive pvp servers for the center map?
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