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  1. As the guy before me said spike walls help, preferably metal ones. Other than that a giga or even a mateboosted pair of rexes/Spinos will do the trick. Be most careful of the arthropleuras since they deal a ton of damage.
  2. Post in the bug section.
  3. On my server theres a giant trap to tame the ice titan with. Other than that, just hit it with fast, cheap guns like simple the simple pistol. I believe the amount of times counts for nodes rather than damage dealt.
  4. Along the owl pellets try giving it warmaps, cheap and gachas give decent stuff with it.
  5. I wanted to try getting impregnated by a reaper queen for the first time so I took my rock drake, a glow pet, a shield, and what I thought were 2 sets of hazard suits. I started going to the element zone, got lost and since I popped out where the rock drake nests were, I figured, hell why not just try to get a high level rock drake egg and get out of here for now. Now I'll just say this but my rock drake isnt that amazing, he's at 13k HP and 400 Dmg with decent stam. I look around for the eggs and after killing countless drakes after stealing the low level eggs and eating them, I get a 160 one. At this point I'm at like 4k HP with about 20% of my hazard suit remaining. I figured hell, I'll take that one and get out of here for now, wont even have to change suits. Now I'm sure you all know how sloooow stamina recoveres when youre injured, and I got to know it again today. I make my way towards blue zone slowly, all the while aggroing more rock drakes every time I regen stamina out of stealth, which took a lot longer than I expected it to. Finally towards the end of the element zone, I notice my suit is just about to break so I wanted to change it. Thats when I noticed I didn't have another chestpiece, must have not had enough polymer to craft one and never noticed. Right there, my suit breaks and I make a run for the blue zone. Sadly I dont make it so I die there and then, with my only other tame on the server being a megalo parked in a starting zone and no spare suit ready-made. Gotta say I'm not touching aberration again for a bit and rather continue playing on the center to work on my kibble farm.
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