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    Make more things paintable. eg. Fridges, chemistry bench, fence foundations, grinder, smithy, normal beds. make white dye actually white on metal. Also when you dye a saddle and it has a skin on it, the dye comes off the saddle. Be able to dye skins.
  2. Faune

    Industrial Smoker

    This industrial smoker would be powered from the generator and act like a refrigerator. It would still take 1 hour to make jerky but it would process it in larger amounts. So, instead of making 1 jerky per hour it would make 4. To make the industrial smoker you would need, metal ingots, electronics, polymer, crystal and oil. It would be the size of half an industrial cooker and have “rack shelves” inside the pot with a glass door.
  3. Faune

    Xbox One PvE

    Connection issues on Xbox official PvE servers is getting ridiculous at this point. It’s been more than 3 years and you can’t even get connection issues correct. Before you release a new PAID DLC at least make the servers playable.. I only paid $20 for this game but it’s not worth $10. If the DLC is going to be priced put the money from it to focus on PvE. I haven’t bought any DLC because it’s not worth my investment if I can’t play. Seriously, take this into consideration.. I’m a long term veteran and I don’t even know why I bother with ARK anymore. Fix your game and issues before creating more money grabs that people instantly get angry at. Double events aren’t going to make us happy, but actually paying attention and realising the issues you have will make us happy. That’s if anything gets done about it..
  4. Faune

    Balanced PvE and PvP differently

    This is exactly right, I bought ark when it was first released on early access. The changes the WC has chosen to do affect PvP positively but PvE negatively. Also the ridiculous amounts of connection issues on the PvE servers are crazy..
  5. A good quality of life update would be if we have the option to change the light settings of the surroundings and the way it bounces off things. Bloom quality?
  6. Faune

    Balanced PvE and PvP differently

    I’m not too sure if you’re agreeing or saying I’m wrong
  7. Faune

    Balanced PvE and PvP differently

    Thanks Macca for giving some feedback I can tell that nerfs have happened based around PvP that hurt PvE
  8. Faune

    A bunch of Ideas

    1. Ark crashes a lot due to rendering issues, it would be great if they could be improved. 2. Building needs to be improved 3. Bounding boxes of some dinos could be fixed eg. oviraptor 4. make pipes and electrical cords able to snap into the corner of structures Would love a Developer response but I accept all feedback. (I have a social disorder so I’m sorry if any I say comes across rude or inappropriate)
  9. Faune

    Graphics need Updating

    So I know that the Ark Devs are aware of this but I feel like since the game is fully released the graphics need to be improved. the dimorphodon needs a major graphic update as well as the stego. I feel like it was great for more graphic updates excited for even more!
  10. PvE and PvP are two different games. Why not balance them differently? Example on PvP you can pick up dinos on PvE you can’t. make PvE be able to only pick up dinosaurs that are not threatening (to stop griefing) Another example is saddles saddles were nerfed because of PvP there is no reason not to have them on PvE on PvP there are “small tribe servers with 3x rates” a majority of PvE official servers only have a small tribe so it’s a disadvantage for PvE. Balance PvE seperately to PvP on a sidenote: I personally don’t play PvP because I don’t want to risk months of time to come back to being wiped. (It’s understandable. Trust me)