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  1. Are the Christmas blue print in the presents yet? I mean we have like 30 people on my server so I rarely get 1 present at most each time he spawns, but there are so many saying they have yet to get Christmas blue prints. I would rather have those them the journeyman stuff >.< Would it be ok to make those blue prints spawn more in the presents on Christmas? I would love to get any one of them. Oh and on official servers it seems less a race to get to the present more of a fight to who pushes e first ~retracted~ Someone finally told me you have to make a new smithy to get to make the Christmas stuff.
  2. SleepyKitten

    Ruins - Beach

    Once part of an epic castle??? Oh the mystery!!
  3. SleepyKitten

    Ruins - Jungle

    I am so hoping when you do a huge boulder comes out of no where and chases you!!!
  4. SleepyKitten

    Ruins - Swamp

    I love how your team showcase the vines Who know maybe a man eating vine could be in our future
  5. SleepyKitten

    Ruins - Snow

    I can not wait!
  6. SleepyKitten

    Ruins - Mountain

    I absolutely love how this screenshot captures the light! The beauty of the ruins is amazing
  7. An ancient race bent on world domination?? Or maybe an ultra intelligent race of beings who's only purpose in life was to learn the ultimate answer to the ultimate question!
  8. SleepyKitten

    Ghillie Suit

    Amazing new suits You could fry an egg on my head most days
  9. Hahahaha!! You may think they look cute and cuddly but just wait until they eat you >:)
  10. They were fun to hunt a pain to kill with out accidently harvesting lol but worth every bit of effort!
  11. I love this so much I cant wait for more!!!
  12. That's how its DONE! Show them the door and let it be known cheaters are not welcomed here!
  13. SleepyKitten


    Hahahaha I wonder what they are thinking when they see you? Maybe.. "Mmmm lunch"
  14. Man alive that sent a wicked shiver down my spine!!!
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