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  1. Monster Mayhem. Creatures usually locked to maps spawning up on other maps. Example Basilisk spawning on Island, Managarmr wreaking havoc in aberration, griffins dive bombing on center. Unleash the beasts with event colors of coarse.
  2. How about glowy colored dinos for the event? Would be different from the usual. Also is it a net for catching flying dinos like the flying rat that steals my shotgun ammo?
  3. On my island someone put foundations in spino spawn areas. Now it's harder to get the sails needed to do megapithicus boss. I understand placing pillars in resource areas to protect them. But keeping me from collecting trophies to do boss fights should be a no no.
  4. Been focusing on Aberration map lately. Notice anky isn't able to harvest some metal nodes and trees. Not just anky either tried using mana to knock down trees and they wouldn't fall. Can harvest with pick and axe though.
  5. High Level Danger Zone. How about a server we can venture to and tame unique [event] colored high level dinos and bring back. A map with nothing but high level dinos so it's extremely dangerous. Also no building allowed except on platform dinos. So platform saddles on a dino become very important to serve as a base for the best hunters. Idk just an idea.
  6. Boosted rates maturation and taming unique colored dinos. New tek dinos with increased level and stats. Better quality loot. How about roaming mini bosses we can engage?
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