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  1. idk what every1 cries about gigas coming to gen, just get your own gigas on main cluster and transfer them in when transfer open, ez
  2. the reason gigas are allowed is cuz those 130-150k hp racers are gonna come soak your base, gigas is the best counter against that cuz theri and poop only tickle it and dont actually deal a decent amount of damage to it
  3. Bloodstalker not spawning Bloodstalkers dont spawn anymore on genesis on smalltribes
  4. wildcard please make sure you got the 99% fixed before moving on to the next bug, if you guys keep it there almost gotten rid of its still there and could expand itself again, dont be like the germans against britain in ww2 pls!
  5. Wipe all the smalltribes servers because now the big tribes live in caves and are practically unraidable, the small and beginning tribes have to start over everyday because griefers even blow wooden bases just because there might be “loot” in there. Also maybe use some of those removed servers to make a classic 6-man, so just the concept of classic pvp but with 6 man tribes and smalltribes rates
  6. Maybe disable the feature to consume narcotics on players? That will make caging a lot harder but i think everybody rather has their base not being meshed and not be able to cage ppl then a base gone and a random guy having knocked out!
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