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  1. and thats just on 1x, you get at least 50k ingots per hour during 2x. If you only need a few k ingots it's a good spot, but if you need more than a few k then Ab blue zone is the best place to get it.
  2. The only place you'll find metal down there is in the radiation zone. Not worth mining it there, you're better off having an outpost in blue zone on the actual Aberration map, and transferring it back to you Valguero base.
  3. Yep, just depends how many times Drag breathes on your spinos. If you down it within 2 you're golden. Just fyi, the water on the left of the arena is fake, you won't get the water buff on them. This might've been fixed recently but doubt it. Also make sure you're on a Yuty and have them fully buffed before engaging Drag.
  4. Man put a cork in it. You know you're going to buy every DLC they put out and play it.
  5. Wind Turbine & Managarmr Dash does not work in Ab cave Hello, was wondering if this was intended. If not, could it please be looked into? Wind turbines work across the surface on Valguero, however they do not work in the Aberration area. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to use turbines down there if they work up top. Managarmr dash also doesn't work in the Aberration area. It works on the map Aberration, so I was wondering why it doesn't here in Valguero? Jump, and strafing work, just not the left click dash when in the Ab area.
  6. What? Their maximum level is 150 on Official servers. If you look in the markets you'll see they're already level 260+ hatch. Just buy one off someone.
  7. Remove the Login Lock Please remove the login lock, it's overinclusive and unreasonable to make players wait five minutes just to transfer a server. The entire community should not have to suffer this just because of a few dupers. This isn't a problem if a person stays on a server but many people transfer servers throughout the day and it has a tremendous impact on them. Please think of an alternative that will not hinder gameplay like this, this is unacceptable. Want to make a trade with someone? Wait 5 mins to transfer into their server on top of waiting 15 minutes to be able to transfer items. Now wait another (up to) 15 mins and then another 5 mins just to get back. Have a few bases on different servers to refresh timers on? Easy half an hour down the tube just because of the login lock. Something happened and you have to transfer back to your server immediately because a tribemate crashed and babies are out? GG hope they can last 5 minutes. Cmon man... I appreciate the effort to combat duping but at what cost? We already have to wait 15 minutes just to transfer, and now this?
  8. I'm not 100% but I believe they do not spawn on Valguero. Been on my Valguero server since day 1 and have yet to see one.
  9. Thank you for your contribution. Lately in the past month or 1.5 months something has changed with Manticore. The 1 Rex in the battlefield method I use still does the trick, but Manticore could get bugged out and do the "slide" animation when he's supposed to land; which just sends him back to the sky. To all, I'd recommend bringing a 250%+ shotgun with ammo now for the fights because of the changed behavior.
  10. Do you even know how Dedicated storage bins work before posting? Look above this post.
  11. Why the change to Dedicated Storages? Out of curiosity, Wildcard, why did you change Dedicated Storages to throw stuff everywhere instead of keeping the bubble method? I like the new F option to pick stuff up around you as an alternative to a whip, but I'm not a fan of the new Dedicated Storage update. I'm interested to know why the change happened though. Duping issue? Fun detected? Added feature for upcoming Genesis release? Never intended to be the way it was? I'm assuming fun detected but would be nice to hear a response about the reasoning for this change.
  12. Awesome, good luck. Never give up, I know losing is really depressing but it's a learning experience as well.
  13. I've noticed that if you bring in people with you to the boss fight it stalls Manticore. The more people you bring, the more glitchy it is. Even if they do nothing and sit in the back at the teleport pad, it still messes with the mechanics somehow from my experience. Going in solo feels much better for this issue. I've also noticed that if your server ping goes up, he stalls like this as well. I run my fights during the weekdays because weekends have higher server ping and it goes a lot smoother. My recommendation would be to run it solo/duo on weekdays for the best chance of beating it without shotguns.
  14. It's literally a pinned topic in the General section man, cmon.
  15. U can also get red gems from Gacha's u bring in from other servers. Aside from that, only Roll Rats and Rad zone.
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