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  1. Thank you for your contribution. Lately in the past month or 1.5 months something has changed with Manticore. The 1 Rex in the battlefield method I use still does the trick, but Manticore could get bugged out and do the "slide" animation when he's supposed to land; which just sends him back to the sky. To all, I'd recommend bringing a 250%+ shotgun with ammo now for the fights because of the changed behavior.
  2. Do you even know how Dedicated storage bins work before posting? Look above this post.
  3. Why the change to Dedicated Storages? Out of curiosity, Wildcard, why did you change Dedicated Storages to throw stuff everywhere instead of keeping the bubble method? I like the new F option to pick stuff up around you as an alternative to a whip, but I'm not a fan of the new Dedicated Storage update. I'm interested to know why the change happened though. Duping issue? Fun detected? Added feature for upcoming Genesis release? Never intended to be the way it was? I'm assuming fun detected but would be nice to hear a response about the reasoning for this change.
  4. Awesome, good luck. Never give up, I know losing is really depressing but it's a learning experience as well.
  5. I've noticed that if you bring in people with you to the boss fight it stalls Manticore. The more people you bring, the more glitchy it is. Even if they do nothing and sit in the back at the teleport pad, it still messes with the mechanics somehow from my experience. Going in solo feels much better for this issue. I've also noticed that if your server ping goes up, he stalls like this as well. I run my fights during the weekdays because weekends have higher server ping and it goes a lot smoother. My recommendation would be to run it solo/duo on weekdays for the best chance of beating it without shotguns.
  6. It's literally a pinned topic in the General section man, cmon.
  7. U can also get red gems from Gacha's u bring in from other servers. Aside from that, only Roll Rats and Rad zone.
  8. Every map opens transfers after 3 months. Stop acting like you're surprised and offended. If you don't have proof of the duping, then don't talk. Most of those dinos are mutated to hell because the game has been out for years.
  9. EatMyDust

    Exploits or?

    Because if nobody reports this misconduct it's going to keep happening genius. You aren't supposed to be able to build on the surface, and if you manage to do so, it should decay because of the Sun. Obviously players are going against the intent of the game devs by doing this. If it's against the rules, he has every right to complain and send in a ticket. Also, just because an admin labeled your ticket as "resolved" does not mean nothing was done. They are forbidden to tell you the result of your ticket; but if you put 2 and 2 together, if the person is still online, your argument/evidence was weak or the evidence is being piled up with other tickets against the same person. Even if you lose, the evidence is kept and if enough people report with decent evidence, they'll take action. If they are no longer online or their pillars/base is gone, obviously an admin took care of it. People like YOU are the reason these exploiters keep doing what they're doing. "Oh well, nothing will happen so I won't report." With this mentality you have only yourself to blame for your losses, so don't discourage others from doing it. My most recent ticket was analyzed and resolved within 2 days, and so have all of my other tickets in the past months. They like screenshot evidence so take screenshots and build a better argument.
  10. I usually crash as well when transferring big amounts of items. Almost always when slot capped.
  11. This happened to me after the latest big update. I too uninstalled and reinstalled after many other lesser alternatives. What I ended up doing is reinstalling the game, and after still immediately crashing upon joining Valguero, I just went to the Ark store page in the Steam browser. Manually look for the DLC in the store page, go to it, and download it. It should appear that it isn't installed, and will begin downloading and installing it automatically. This fixed it for me, so I hope it helps you too.
  12. I disagree for the reasoning of the majority that are against you as well. Throughout the years we haven't even tapped the full potential of dinos. As Bert mentioned, it's been years and tusos/basilos still haven't gotten near their maximum potential. We're barely starting to reach the finish line with regular rexs. Just because you wan't to play on a PVP server does not mean everyone else must have their hard work deleted. Also, do you know how many people will quit if that happens? Imagine you're a breeder and you worked your tail off building up a female population of 300+ to work on mutating your rex line to make it stronger and be able to demolish bosses. You're able to do this in Single Player as well mind you. You spend years building up your rex line just to have some new kid come along and tell you that your hard work is unfair and that you should start from 0 again because he's new to the game and dislikes your progress. WUT? tldr Join an Unofficial server that wipes regularly if you want that, stay away from Official servers.
  13. Check out my detailed thread on doing it at every level. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/469566-advice-for-doing-valguero-bosses/
  14. nice man, keep up the good work.
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