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  1. You can transfer your character, items, and dinosaurs across any Official PVE/PVP server in Ark (excluding Valguero). You go to an obelisk with what you want to transfer, upload the dinosaurs via the upload tab in the obelisk, and then wait for the cooldown to go to 0 on the items in your inventory. Once there is no longer a cooldown, you can transfer to another server with your stuff. You can alternatively upload your items as well if you want to keep them safe. This works on The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and Extinction. There are some limitations on dinosaurs when transfering to Aberration, so check the Wiki for that. As for Valguero, you can only transfer your character to those servers, as they are new and item/dino transfers to Valguero servers won't be open until October. Check the Community Crunch threads to figure out exact dates if that is where you're heading. You may be playing on an unofficial server, which is subject to different rules and such. If the server isn't an Official PVE/PVP server, what I just said above might not work.
  2. Thank you for that update. I was misinformed from others and some Youtube videos. Well, another one to add to the list then haha.
  3. Anyone else notice the gigantic bulge in the first picture? I suppose Survivors can now mate with one another. 5/5 update.
  4. Mosas/Plesiosaurs/Leeds Do Not Spawn in Valguero Hello, can you guys please take a look at underwater spawns please? After the initial mosa/plesi/leed spawns on day 1 of the server's launch (Official Valguero PVE server), they stopped spawning. I've been down in the underwater cave every day for the past week and have not seen anything. Other players on the server have noticed the same thing, and have been in the underwater cave numerous times. People on the forums from other servers seem to run into this problem as well. If anyone else is experiencing this, please chime in to support this bug claim so WC can acknowledge/fix this issue. Thank you. An acknowledgement of this problem would also be great so the player base can know that a fix is coming, and not be left in the dark. Thanks.
  5. Happened to me as well. I used a rock climbing pick to get out of the Devourer cave. As soon as I was about to get up to the top ledge, i suppose it thought i was meshing and it insta killed me. No bag left behind either. Seems like they're combating meshing but now you run the risk of losing all your stuff if you use the climbing pick. I don't know which way is better, just hope there can be further fixing of this bug.
  6. Takes 5 seconds to write "Valguero not included." Takes 1-2 minute(s) for the writer to proofread the article, but that clearly doesn't happen either. It creates more confusion for people and every time this happens, their Twitter is bombarded with questions which leads them to tweet out "Valguero not included everyone." WHY NOT JUST WRITE IT ON THE DAMN WEEKLY FORUM THREAD TO AVOID IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT HAS BEEN 2 WEEKS IN A ROW (EVER SINCE VALGUERO LAUNCHED) THAT THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING. Jesus christ.
  7. There is no wind stat on Valguero. There is hidden wind, but it is not 24/7 like Rag and/or SE. When you throw down a turbine, it will be active for a part of the day, then turn off. While it's a cool hidden feature of the game, it turns off so your generator will be on 24/7 anyway. Just a waste to have one on Valguero. If you want to test it out yourself, throw a turbine down and you'll see. This same thing happens on Island, the turbines are only active during day and turn off at night there.
  8. Your foundations are too far apart, you need to make them a bit tighter. I saved and edited this picture with a few recommendations. Once you lay them down, check out the distance between them then if you find any other foundations that are far apart (perhaps not able to be seen by just this one picture), fill those in too. Let us know how it goes. https://imgur.com/C2TMCBW
  9. Not hard at all. Take a Ptera and hover above/around the scar until the wyverns fly away to give you clearance to the ground. There are some that also wander into the caves on both ends, so even better. You can carry them once tamed, so I don't see that as a problem either. Using a Ptera/Argy will allow you to tame 2 of them and bring them both home (you carry one, and the bird carries the other). Ezpz.
  10. EatMyDust

    Valguero and X2

    When a company hypes a person up with false promises, it is obvious that actions like making forum posts will happen. If you go to a store to buy a brand new TV because of a "sale" that you saw on an advertisement, then the employees tell you there is no sale, wouldn't you be pissed? For the past 2 weeks WC stated that ALL official servers will receive the Evolution event, then on the day of we figure out it was just a lie. This time it was activated in game mistakenly then removed. You don't think this will trigger people? Takes 5 iq to call someone entitled, takes a lot more to understand what OP is trying to say.
  11. Will Valguero Receive 2x This Weekend? Hello, I was wondering if Valguero will be receiving the 2x Evolution Event this weekend? Please do not tell me to read, I have read the latest community crunch and it says this: Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 28th of June at 1 PM EST until Monday the 1st of July at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes: 2x Harvesting Rates 2x Taming Rates 2x EXP Rates That's it for this week! Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts below! Team Wildcard Wildcard stated "All official servers across each platform" last week as well in the weekly news, yet the 2x Evolution Event did not apply to Valguero. Thank you for the clarification.
  12. Thanks for that info, good to know it was intended to be there.
  13. Hey, i know it seems like people are luring stuff to your base but it is just a bad mechanic of wyverns. When you go in their trench and rile them up, they fly out everywhere. If you've ever played SE you will remember that wyverns over there do the same thing. Really annoying but just have to sit tight until WC fixes it (or not) and just deal with it.
  14. Care for some history? - Gacha breeding is broken because the Gacha babies are always at 0 food. People put them outside somewhere and stay in render range of them. They mature all the way to adulthood without being fed any food. BROKEN. - Managarmr's would spaz out on Extinction and float in the air instead of acting as usual. This was not intended and still occurs today without being fixed. BROKEN. - Managarmr's glitch out and "fly away" out of the map ceiling which makes you lose your mana. This is not intended and till this day has not been fixed. BROKEN. - Using a Managarmr outside of Extinction increases the likelihood of the "floating away" bug to the point where it is better to not use one on any other map. Not intended either. BROKEN. - Pteranodon's were able to carry Gachas and other dinos they shouldn't have been able to carry when Extinction launched. Not intended and was fixed. - Element Veins wiped people's bases on Extinction because WC messed up. That was not intended and was fixed. - You can tame/breed an Otter and Pego and keep them in artifact caves and repeatedly load them up with multiple artifacts. This is not intended AND STILL ISN'T FIXED. BROKEN. - If you had a tribe mate that didn't log in for a patch, they would turn into a "body bag" and allow for anyone to store up to 300 items in their inventory regardless of weight, and they would weigh 0 allowing you to use them as storage everywhere. This was fixed a few months ago after BEING IN THE GAME FOR YEARS. - If you knock out an Argentavis while it has the corpse healing effect on, it's food drops to 0 and it's an instant tame. BROKEN. - If you kite around the Daedon while it does it's heal effect, and let it cycle through a few times, it's food will be 0 and it's an instant tame. BROKEN. - Megalosauruses use special attack instead of normal attack when not ridden, which makes them useless as an army. This is not intended. BROKEN. - On Valguero if you go into the Aberration Trench there is a hole in the floor that drops you out of the game. Not intended. BROKEN. - On Valguero if you go to the White Cliffs and look for Deinos, YOU WON'T SEE A SINGLE ONE HANGING FROM A WALL WAITING TO POUNCE ON YOU. This is not intended. BROKEN AND STILL NOT FIXED AFTER DAYS OF IT BEING THIS WAY. - On Valguero you can walk up to a Deino nest and take their eggs and 80% of the time they won't even aggro. This is not intended and they're all supposed to aggro on you like Wyverns. BROKEN. - On Valguero if you go in the water and keep your head near the surface the water opacity glitches and you can see everything as clear as day underwater. This is not intended. BROKEN. - On Valguero when it's time for fog it immediately turns the sky foggy instead of transitioning slowly like other maps. This is not intended. BROKEN. Let's not be ignorant.
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