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  1. Ditch the potato and step up to a real gaming machine.
  2. Yep, just depends how many times Drag breathes on your spinos. If you down it within 2 you're golden. Just fyi, the water on the left of the arena is fake, you won't get the water buff on them. This might've been fixed recently but doubt it. Also make sure you're on a Yuty and have them fully buffed before engaging Drag.
  3. Man put a cork in it. You know you're going to buy every DLC they put out and play it.
  4. Remove the Login Lock Please remove the login lock, it's overinclusive and unreasonable to make players wait five minutes just to transfer a server. The entire community should not have to suffer this just because of a few dupers. This isn't a problem if a person stays on a server but many people transfer servers throughout the day and it has a tremendous impact on them. Please think of an alternative that will not hinder gameplay like this, this is unacceptable. Want to make a trade with someone? Wait 5 mins to transfer into their server on top of waiting 15 minutes to be able to tran
  5. Thank you for your contribution. Lately in the past month or 1.5 months something has changed with Manticore. The 1 Rex in the battlefield method I use still does the trick, but Manticore could get bugged out and do the "slide" animation when he's supposed to land; which just sends him back to the sky. To all, I'd recommend bringing a 250%+ shotgun with ammo now for the fights because of the changed behavior.
  6. Awesome, good luck. Never give up, I know losing is really depressing but it's a learning experience as well.
  7. I've noticed that if you bring in people with you to the boss fight it stalls Manticore. The more people you bring, the more glitchy it is. Even if they do nothing and sit in the back at the teleport pad, it still messes with the mechanics somehow from my experience. Going in solo feels much better for this issue. I've also noticed that if your server ping goes up, he stalls like this as well. I run my fights during the weekdays because weekends have higher server ping and it goes a lot smoother. My recommendation would be to run it solo/duo on weekdays for the best chance of
  8. I disagree for the reasoning of the majority that are against you as well. Throughout the years we haven't even tapped the full potential of dinos. As Bert mentioned, it's been years and tusos/basilos still haven't gotten near their maximum potential. We're barely starting to reach the finish line with regular rexs. Just because you wan't to play on a PVP server does not mean everyone else must have their hard work deleted. Also, do you know how many people will quit if that happens? Imagine you're a breeder and you worked your tail off building up a female population of 300+ to work
  9. Nice man! It gets real addicting. I started off with 11,000 hp and 378.7 melee and ended with 13,640 hp and 402.2% when transfers came out. Got any colors yet?
  10. Thanks for the update. Yeah the saddles help a lot, the 6 i lost on solo alpha had under 80 armor saddles. Now that transfers are open you should be able to buy one from a discord seller easily. Get the OP 32k hp 1110 MD regular rexs as well, they absolutely demolish bosses.
  11. Hey. Thanks for the question. I personally wouldn't take more than 2 because you need A LOT of firepower for Monkey. I wish the Deino bleed effect did more damage to Monkey and Manticore, but they have a lot of resist to the bleed unlike Dragon. I like your approach for the dragon though. We had a person on our server 1v1 Dragon on a Deino (ALpha difficulty) months ago when we did that, it was fun to watch haha. I wouldn't go all Deinos because while they can kill Dragon easy, they'll die to monkey. It hits pretty hard on Alpha difficulty, and their DPS is really bad. Even though you have
  12. First thing you must kill is Dragon. Every time it does a fire breath, your dinos lose 25% health. If it gets 4 off on you, your army is dead. It is essential to kill it first, and as fast as possible. After that, you go for monkey. Manticore last because it does not do much damage compared to Monkey. IF you kill dragon and Manticore is there on the ground attacking your dinos, go for it. But once it flies off, change target to Monkey for efficiency. If Monkey is aggrod and Manticore is on the ground, always Monkey first. If you wait for Dragon to come near the teleport pad, you won'
  13. BUMP. Completed Alpha difficulty today solo. Here is the composition: 17 Tek Rexs. 25k HP and 680%-750% melee between them. - 3 saddles 120+, 3 saddles between 110-119 armor, 2 saddles between 100-109, 2 between 90-99, 1 saddle in 80s, 3 in 70s, 2 in 60s. I have a bp for 110+ saddles but did not have it at the time and did not want to wait for it. - 1 garbage bred Deino with everything pumped into HP. 68 armor saddles. - 1 yuty with 30k hp, 3k stam. Notes: - 6 rexs died. They were the ones with sub 100 armor saddles. - Deino died, don't care becau
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