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  1. Ditch the potato and step up to a real gaming machine.
  2. Man put a cork in it. You know you're going to buy every DLC they put out and play it.
  3. I disagree for the reasoning of the majority that are against you as well. Throughout the years we haven't even tapped the full potential of dinos. As Bert mentioned, it's been years and tusos/basilos still haven't gotten near their maximum potential. We're barely starting to reach the finish line with regular rexs. Just because you wan't to play on a PVP server does not mean everyone else must have their hard work deleted. Also, do you know how many people will quit if that happens? Imagine you're a breeder and you worked your tail off building up a female population of 300+ to work on mutating your rex line to make it stronger and be able to demolish bosses. You're able to do this in Single Player as well mind you. You spend years building up your rex line just to have some new kid come along and tell you that your hard work is unfair and that you should start from 0 again because he's new to the game and dislikes your progress. WUT? tldr Join an Unofficial server that wipes regularly if you want that, stay away from Official servers.
  4. Anyone else notice the gigantic bulge in the first picture? I suppose Survivors can now mate with one another. 5/5 update.
  5. Thanks for that info, good to know it was intended to be there.
  6. Haven't seen any owls yet. Same for velos which people claimed would be on the map.
  7. It's not that I feel entitled, it's just disappointing that a map that includes an "Aberration trench," which would seem to make a reasonable person believe it includes Aberration dinos. Specifically Drakes because of the word "trench." What's left to do in the "Aberration trench," collect fungal wood instead of regular? Big woop. By your logic "entitlement," there shouldn't be any sort of Aberration or Extinction dinosaur/feature in Valguero, just simply Rag 2.0. The argument is: if you're going to just put some of it, why create hype by showing off the beautiful cave and stating that the "Aberration trench" is 1/4 of the entire map, to turn around and remove the best parts about the trench? When you first played Aberration, you wanted that sweet-looking Rock Drake, did you not? Perhaps even a Reaper King one day? And who didn't want a Basilisk? I own 2 copies of the game, along with season passes for both. You're clearly failing to see my argument. It's an incredible map, and I would rather have it cost money for the DLC but with the full deal, not some half-assed content.
  8. Feels like an incentive for players to purchase the Aberration DLC / season pass, but exactly like you said.. they've done this with SE -> Rag. Now instead it's: part Rag + part AB + part Ext -> Valguero. So much content is already being given away for free, what does it matter anymore..
  9. Thanks, I was going based off of the official statements in the Twitch stream earlier today. Really disappointing to see the others aren't being added either. I appreciate the link, it was a good read. For those who didn't read it: -No poison/lightning wyvern -No Gasbags/Manas -No Reapers/Basilisks/Rock Drakes -Not really any of the SE creatures except for custom golems (ice and chalk) and Ice Worms Sad.
  10. Valguero Aberration Trench But No Drakes? What? Why create an aberration trench that's 1/4 of the size of the map, make it sound and look incredible, then just remove rock drake eggs from spawning? I don't understand why this decision was made, especially considering that there is at least a wyvern trench with (presumed) wyvern eggs. If the reasoning is to not give players a free Aberration DLC, why even bother including an Aberration trench to begin with? You hyped up so many people to just let many down with that removed feature.
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