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  1. Ditch the potato and step up to a real gaming machine.
  2. It takes forever to get a few stacks of CP. You're better off taming a decent Megatherium and taking it inside the Volcano to kill insects for chitin. I get around 5-10k on 1x, and around 15k on 2x. Takes about 5-10 mins, and you'll encounter a few rock elementals which you can run around and avoid easily.
  3. Takes no skill to tame a bloodstalker, just get blood till you die and repeat. Then go up to a tree and put a trap on a hive and get the bee. How is this endgame? It's the easiest thing to get. I tamed 3 bees from 1 branch. Your lack of skill doesn't mean the game is hard, you just don't want to learn and figure it out. Its easier to complain that the game is hard, right?
  4. You play a game where 1000 hours can be wiped with 1 hour lol. Regardless of Magma PVP is dumb for this reason. I agree with you, but honestly you should know that PVP isn't exactly in the favor of time investment.
  5. Basilisks in Easy spawn on Ab hah.
  6. Please Stop Crying About Bog Every single day there is nothing but complaints in chat and on forums. Please stop moaning and groaning about your daily struggles in the Bog zone. I understand the swarms are annoying, but you chose to live in a zone that is absolutely littered with hostile dinos. Kapros do what kapros do: catch you off guard and maul you to death. Barys do what Barys do: stun-lock the piss out of you and maul u to death. These do not need nerfs; they have been like this for the longest time, and the game shouldn't revolve around you. Carry a sword and run around with flak = no issues with kapro. Stay out of water = no issues with Bary. Furthermore, just because WC labels Bog as "easy" zone, doesn't mean it's an easy zone. It's interesting to see that casual players don't seem to be able to distinguish easy from hard, and think just because it's labeled "easy," it must be where they live. MOVE OUT OF THE BOG IF YOU WANT TO LIVE PEACEFULLY. It's like living in the middle of the swamp on The Island, DILO do you honestly expect to happen? One of the best biomes for metal, crystal, and fungal wood is Bog, you think it comes free? Last point of mention: You don't need to live in JUST one zone. The HLNA teleport ability allows everyone the ability to jump around biomes. You don't need to live in the Bog just to tame spiders or mine metal, you can live in an easier zone like Snow and teleport there with an anky/theri/etc, and bring it back home. TLDR: Please for the love of God stop complaining about Bog.
  7. Great job on Genesis WC :) Great job WC, this new DLC is awesome. No flyers: I was frustrated at the no flyer option after I tamed an Argy, but I'm now happy there aren't any flyers on the map. It makes the game more difficult and you have to value your resources wisely. It also forces you to be creative about getting those heavy resources as your typical doed/anky can't carry much. I understand not all people like this, but if you love Aberration you see this more of a challenge with a feeling of accomplishment; and not so much as a frustration. ALSO: There are dinos on this map that you can ride and "fly" around with (not going to spoil the fun), and there's also the hover skiff with insane weight that you earn as a reward for beating the boss. Great reward for sticking it out. Difficulty curve at the beginning: Feels great to run from everything for a change, but incredibly frustrating until the point of taming a meater. Great way to filter out the whiny bobs imo. Ex: Dude joined the server first day, and somehow didn't have a single piece of land by day 3. Day 4 he builds a raft, and a leed eats it. Dude quits. Probably even wrote a reddit post about how stupid this map is LOL. Why would anyone want WC to cater to people like this? Glitches, missions, and hexagon shop: Great additions to the game to push you to explore the map. There are many scenic areas that you don't typically run into if it wasn't for the glitches and missions, which makes it awesome. The missions that give you tames to use, or weapons to fight with are awesome. I like that the devs created custom scenarios where you don't need gear. Personally, I wish there wasn't a hexagon shop to add more difficulty to the map, but it's nice when you forget to bring a cryopod from home and just tamed something. Other thoughts: The different biomes of the map are a bit of a controversial topic atm, but I like that there are separate "maps" within the map. While it would've been nice to have one big map, the different little maps grew on me over time. Being able to teleport and bring tames with you is a great bonus to balance out the new map layout. Lunar biome: AMAZING. I really enjoy running around with reduced gravity, and kiting raptors off edges. I also like that the devs put OP dinos in secretive spots that make mining less of a chore (won't spill any beans, go research). Its the place to be once you have kibble. Launch day was a bit annoying with the delays, but not having any game breaking bugs like element veins deleting bases on Ext when it launched is great and well worth the wait. Thanks WC, you did a great job with this map.
  8. You can, when you use the HLNA thing to teleport across biomes it creates a little circle like a boss fight at an obelisk. It brings your dinos so be careful of tping from ur base
  9. Alright man I'm not spending any more time on you. Long story short, transferring dinos/items is RESTRICTED from Genesis to other servers. A specific date will be given in the future when WC decides to allow transfers. Being able to transfer things OUT of Genesis will be approximately 1-1.5 months, whereas transfers of dinos/items TO Genesis will be approximately 90 days from now. Not going to reply anymore, because that's what it is.
  10. Extinction: Valguero: Same question you asked, if you just Googled it for 5 seconds you'd hear another response: Take a look and ull see the pattern of 1-1.5 months and 3 months (90 days). All it took was 1 minute of Googling, but I suppose it would be easier for someone like you to just ask a question and then call others liars when you yourself don't even know the answer. Why not research before asking questions? You literally sat here waiting for hours whereas it would've just taken you a few minutes to figure out why it doesn't work.
  11. You've never been able to transfer items out for a period of time following a new DLC launch. Its around 1 month - 1.5 months to take stuff out, and 90 days to bring stuff in from other servers.
  12. U have to verify game files in steam.
  13. EatMyDust

    your fault

    Then mention how they can improve or satisfy your needs. Your post is the equivalent of a fart; offers absolutely no benefit to anyone and just leaves a stink in its path.
  14. Individual = base Ark game. That includes The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, and Valguero. Season pass = Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction Genesis = Genesis part 1 & part 2
  15. EatMyDust

    your fault

    Then don't play the game if you don't like it man. We all know you're going to be sitting up hitting the refresh button like everyone else to get in when it comes up. Just put a cork in it.
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