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  1. Just one more cruddy weekend making me regret wasting time and money on ark and its dlcs
  2. I'm sure the reason they don't care is because if people could pay attention or read, then they wouldn't fall for something so stupidly simple.
  3. Now I'm curious how many people are no longer going to get ark 2 thanks to this post... Between the constant failures for WC to meet deadlines for paid content, the Ark 2 delay, and now 'this', I definitely won't be on the Ark 2 train.
  4. Thanks for the EVO event, would've been nice if my Lost Island server wouldn't have constantly been disconnecting everybody so we could effectively be part of it.
  5. DILO is with no EVO's, I get during an event, but seriously, why aren't there any out of events right now?!
  6. Yes more crashing on a laggy AF game that's only gotten worse during this sorry excuse for a nice ending to 2020. It's amazing that with treatment like this for your community, that there's anybody left to play the game of ARK. How about fixing the problems rather than dropping more garbage on your players.
  7. So no special multiplier bonus for people still supporting u guys?
  8. Maybe even change augmented kibbles to: Primitive, Ramshackle, Apprentice, Journeyman, Mastercraft, & Ascendant. To match the equipment grading system.
  9. If there's going to be a 20+ GB update for XB1, can u actually give us some new fu**ing servers WC? Imean seriously y'all killed over 100 servers across the 5 arks, then wiped half the tribes in surviving servers for just playing the game as intended, then giving us a hugely broken map. As much as I want to defend a small dev for screw ups, the last few months have been total bullpoop.
  10. PC community will always get it better than consoles, its always been the history of multi-platform games. Plus when Devs have a single game to their names, they always tend to have problems gteater than that of well established Devs. Heck my fav shooter got a delayed dlc, 1mon for pc, 3mon for console. And they were a well established company. Lastly, if you have such a big problem with the Extinction Delay, just shut up and go mske your own building survival game and see how easy it is to create something as awesome and enjouable as any of yhe Ark maps.
  11. Oh nice you've played for almost a year, yet Ark been around for about 5 years. Hardcore survivor you are young noob.
  12. Just pointing out the fundraiser is for the Children's Miracle Network, helping kids around the country. If it slows the release of content, I dont mind, especially since its #ForTheKids
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