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  1. STILL BROKEN AND NO VALENTINES EVENT FOR SERVER EU 349 PVE OFFICIAL --- why isnt there any ark announcements to say sorry for the problems or to let us know they are aware of the issue and working on it . does it not matter that we paid money for the game ?
  2. its been a whole 24 hours now and nothing fixed. the one event i was looking forward to and i cant raise my dinos or tame on my own server. great job wc. outage reports are useless and making a ticket is ' AUTO SOLVED' i wish they would spend more time getting this game out of beta phase and put time and energy into fixing thing instead of releasing events and new maps prone to certain more dissapointment.
  3. FIX 349 CENTER EU OFFICIAL MAP PLEASE! for 6 hours or more the server has been down. also showing as pvp server instead of a pve ?? can only connect via battlemetrics instead of home ark screen .....( sometimes ) for only a few mins before crashing. have babies out that need imprints .. seems every event is just a disaster that our server cant handle.
  4. i also play 443 and have since server opened , i dont even play there now or avoid it unless i need to refresh cause the server is too unstable to go out and do anything in game.
  5. i was in lava golem cave fighting boss when it went down .. rip LOL.
  6. all EU servers have been down for well over a hour now and u cant get back on ' login lock' .
  7. the current fear event is great and all. but there is a problem with the colors. if you find a dino with purple region that region will always be region 4. would love to be able to tame other regions with purple than just reg 4. please fix :)
  8. LURING OF CORRUPT DINOS There is a huge problem that needs to be delt with. i myself have had my base destroyed by not so nice players luring corrupts via public teleporters or kiting to destory peoples base and then steal off the base. i STRONGLY think wc need to disable corrupt dinos on pve servers from being able to destroy bases outside of the corrupt zone. over 4 days i watched and videod a chinese tribe destroying my base in the Forrest i had them wiped by a gm. ( we all know they used a alt steam account anyhow ) . just now today i was visiting my friends extinction server to log into 5 different tribes that all had been attacked over night all in different locations across the map. loosing cryos, teleporters, cloners ALOT of hard work just gone. whats worse is if ur base is being attacked it does not pop up on ur screen as structures dont show, only dinos do. so u could be out doing a drop and have no idea someone is raiding ur base ! . this happens alot .. people intentionally do this to steal and is a ongoing problem. and something needs to be done about it, specially on pve servers
  9. i love every single one of these suggestions !!!! and i hope the devs take them into account
  10. i really dont understand.. its abberation that server wouldnt cap anyhow people mainly use abberation to farm metal now days. the problem lies with box tribes holding cap on servers like ragnorok where u cant event tame during a event, my ragorok server has been capped nearly every week for the last few years. nothing is done. u see tribes full of dinos .... full of rex for breeding. a warning should have been issued. its not fair to put the hard wipe on some and not all who have many dinos. yes its a good thing to control server capps but a warning should be issued to educate people to cryo...specially with all of ur own bugs and glitches in the game people suffered from since realese ,absolutely disgusting wildcard.
  11. @Jen oh u do make posts ... but ignored this one for 3 months .. thanks for the support.... dissapointed
  12. i havnt tried myself, but i hear you can swim up to them and scrape them with a sickle and collect prime fish meat
  13. so pretty, i have one just like Saupes one.
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