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  1. aruallee


    center is my fav map, ive played them all now. but center is by far my favourite. so pretty
  2. @lilpanda can we please have some communication? been almost 3 months of the same thing everyday .. we cant play.
  3. @lilpanda cheers, its very fustrating on any day not being able to play, but weekends is where it really dissapointing during a event, makes attempting to tame and raise animals impossible. also a dino spawn reset may need to be done. we find that all the water creatures ie ' mosa and tuso' just seem to stop spawning at all. not sure about other animals .. but its def happening in the ocean
  4. @lilpanda again server 349 center is unstable , rubberbanding, crashing ect.
  5. @lilpanda i logged onto 350 myself and asked the server how they have been running now, they said things seem smooth. but 349 however is the exact same if not worse
  6. @lilpanda still unable to connect to 349 .. same problem as every other day . no fix at all
  7. thank you for finally getting back to us , we can just only hope this change happens as we have been dealing with this for months now and fear yet another let down. i hope you keep your word.
  8. @Jen oh u do make posts ... but ignored this one for 3 months .. thanks for the support.... dissapointed
  9. @Jen @lilpanda @Jatheish... is this another day of us being invisible to you? how many more months will it be till something is done?
  10. UPDATE, center 349 completely unplayable atm , crashing consistently with lagg and rubber banding @lilpanda @Jen @Jatheish Will upload new videos ive made shortly. pls give us some answers and feedback at least !
  11. here is another video made today by myself after was finally able to logg in for a brief moment, @Jen @lilpanda @Jatheish and i will continue making this videos each time i attempt to play.
  12. server 349 eu the center pc .. again as usual this time ' unable to connect ' i will continue making videos until this is addressed
  13. i made a video here so people can see just what happens .. and 'MAYBE' a ark tech guy ... if there is one can fix this problem