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  1. On 7/3/2023 at 7:04 AM, Pipinghot said:

    Not really to this also, a significant majority of people liked the addition of cryopods and prefer the game with cryopods in it.

    You are just saying that when you have no idea. The most heavily populated servers within the last few years have been classic (even before they added cryopods to classic) and beginner servers, pvp and pve. A massive amount of people quit playing Ark entirely because of tek and cryopods.

  2. The other side of the same coin is the breeding. If it went through as originally planned (20/20 mutations max) everybody wouldnt have hundreds of dinos out breeding all the time anyway. They basically fixed the lag from dino egg farms with cryopods but then made the problem even worse by adding basically infinite breeding requirements and later on, bosses that require you to have the super op bred dinos.

  3. Cryopods were a solution to the lag problem of bases and dinos. Potentially, this lag issue could be largely fixed with UE5 which could make crypods not as necessary. There are also many people who think the game was better before cryopods and tek. Either way, if they were removed there would definitely be a mod that brings them in.

  4. 16 hours ago, GP said:

    Most ARK players don't play official servers

    Also, this isn't a great point. Things change over time. Official is still a HUGE percentage of the population. It also was the most played by far during arks peak, and during every DLC release. You can't just write off official because they've died down in the later years of the game. They will be by far the most populated space when ASA comes out if it isn't a trash heap of a remake.

  5. On 6/18/2023 at 2:33 PM, Logan96 said:

    I would join offline raid protection again in a heartbeat if they changed just one thing.

    It needs to implement the same mechanic in PvE, that makes artifact caves and other crucial resource locations unbuildable locations. Whether the person is cheating with an alt or not should not matter. It's extremely frustrating to have your progress in the game halted because some random who only plays 30 minutes a day decides to block one the artifact locations, or even one of the obelisk terminals. 

    I guarantee you that if ORP is left in its current state the majority of the artifact caves will be inaccessible by the end of day 1. They absolutely must make these locations non build zones. 

    Yep thats another of the huge issues with ORP. One troll can block anyone from getting artifacts, not to mention an alpha tribe can prevent anyone from ever being able to compete with them by blocking them off.

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  6. ORP would be great in ASA. However, they need to significantly improve the ORP from ASE. I haven't played them in a bit but in the past there were people using alts to block caves on every server constantly. Yeah it was bannable but people still did it and it's hard to get screenshots of the outside door vs who lives inside the cave so must of them got away with it. Plenty of other issues with current ORP too but that's prolly the big one.

  7. On 2/3/2023 at 6:58 PM, GrumpyBear said:

    The message is everywhere. OP should have noticed. Except on the tames.

    OP is mostly describing a bug that's been reported for years and still remains unfixed. Imo it happens more on console but sometimes (more often than you'd think would be acceptable) something will decay seconds after it's tamed. Seems to have something to do with it taming while no one is in render distance. You can find many threads of people having issues with this but it's still not fixed. 

  8. There's a few different things that contribute to this in Ark 1 that they could fix in Ark 2 if breeding is even returning as we know it. 

    Firstly, allowing players to build in massive caves, which allows them to breed with no threat whatsoever, making them the only viable base spots in the game. Pretty much no open area is viable. Cryopods are also a huge contributor. Before cryos it was nearly impossible to breed the way people do today. Changing how kibble works also had a huge effect. Before cryos + kibble change half of your tame allowance had to be egg dinos, which a lot of people didn't like, but IMO it's better than these walmart bases with 500+ gigas breeding to top stat. 

    Additionally, infinite mutations (essentially) needs to not return at all, it's so bad for the game. A perfect tamed 150 is probably somewhere in the ball park of 10,000% worse than a top stat dino. They need to make the maximum benefit of breeding far less. +30% rider bonus is already strong enough to be worth doing some breeding. That plus like a max of 20% increase to stats is more than enough.

  9. I'm guessing bad but hoping not. The fact is they've completely failed on the PC PvP side of things with cheaters so the question is whether the PvE will be better or not, which I'd say there's a decent chance of. I'm guessing they are going to enable full crossplay though which will mean you can no longer avoid cheaters on console. That paired with the fact that part of the reason Ark 1 cheats are so bad is because a snail games employee in china stole/sold the source code (see the lawsuit by WC about it if you don't believe) and there's prolly another dude waiting for his chance to make bank with the Ark 2 source code.

  10. More relevant than ever. If devs aren't going to wipe they should at least add more wiping clusters. Add a smalls that wipes every 6 mo/put the cross arks on a wipe schedule to boost their population (ORP/Notek, etc.) Add no tame servers monthly wipe, add primitive arkpoc, anything. PvP servers need some help. Small tribes is all mega tribes RMTing at this point and no one plays it because of that.

  11. 21 hours ago, Utfilthy said:

    I personally dont mind grinding... I just hate raising on 1x. At the end of the day its still a game and IMO taking 8-9 real life days to raise a giga or tuso to full imprint is still a little too long. If you have the time to do that and still enjoy the game, congrats to you. Some of us have real life commitments but would still like to exist on official servers. Stop acting like we dont all benefit from boosted rates... Even you.

    I mean I don't disagree that breeding takes too long but people are crying over no 2x evo weekend when we just got out of constant 3x. There was always 0% chance of evo this weekend lol. The evo weekends rarely have breeding bonuses anyways.

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  12. only reason breeding is slow is because people like the infinite grind. There was only supposed to be 20/20 mutations and it was a bug that you could go beyond. However people didn't want them to change it so they didn't thus creating an infinite breeding grind. What they should do is nerf breeding to what it was inteded, 20/20 mutations which would cut back on the grind significantly and also fix the balance issues of having 2k+melee gigas, manas, stalkers etc. But of course all the same people would complain about that.

  13. 11 minutes ago, xXxDeimos said:

    Sandbox game, survival part was removed a few years ago when everyone learned how to level and the order to tame.  Not much of a sandbox when its just a dirty grind that messes up when they reboot the servers for the upteenth time over the weekend when most people are on.  But you keep collecting your single stone and being content :)

    people didn't learn to level, they added OP notes to the game to get level 70 in two minutes also aided by the fact that they doubled all rates permanently twice now. The game has permanent 4x rates and people still cry everytime there's not a 2x weekend. Go play unofficial or call of duty if you want 0 grinding in a survival game

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  14. Ark uses Nitrado for servers so it's not like they just have some potatoes in their offices that could be better. The reason for poor performance is the mechanic and rules of the game. Essentially, the only things that lag the servers are people have wayyyy too much spam, there needs to be a much more strict structure limit, and people have way too many dinos out, especially now during the event. One tribe alone on small tribes is going to have out 100+ gigas alone which is going to cause crazy lag. There's no magic servers that could fix these issues. Wildcard needs to change the rules of the game but they won't because people will cry. Hopefully in Ark 2 they think about how the mechanics affect server performance more.

  15. 7 hours ago, APerson12 said:

    tek adds a reason to progress. without it, why would you beat the bosses? why not just stay on a shack on the beach?

    That argument could be made for all of PvE unfortunately. Once you make a stone hut with wood spike walls you're practically invincible. There's lots of reasons though, look at Legacy Primitive servers. They were quite popular when the only thing they did was cut out explosives and electronics and add nothing. This was replaced by an even better system primitive plus which was considered by many in pvp and pve to be the most fun than the game has been when the servers were new and worked but unfortunately primitive plus was left behind, probably because it's too hard to maintain essentially 2 different games at once. 

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