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  1. Devs obviously don't read it anyway. Here's some of the top voted suggestions (none of which have even been addressed publicly by any dev)

    -Hardcore servers

    -ORP servers

    -Fix spam

    -Microsoft chat censor sucking

    -Disable cave building


    Beside the fact that they aren't read by the devs, no one uses that section anyway. Everything has very little views/engagement compared to general and could be easily astroturfed anyway. (kinda the case with ORP even though I agree with them).

  2. Specifically in PvP, but also applies in PvE. ASA servers are fully spammed already with like 600+ ping. It's so awful that spam is used as a balancing tool for pvp/raiding. They really need to change something. I feel like it's not that hard to address, would shake up the meta a bit, save them huge headaches I'm sure with massive server issues and costs, etc.

    Example that comes to mind would be to just make a certain radius around the base where you can spam all you want but anything outside the radius only last for 12-24 hours (that doesn't get refreshed on rendering). That allows for building traps and getting into fights where you can spam an area quickly to defend but it would be impossible to keep a map fully spammed at all times. Plenty of other options could be explored.

    Spam is like the first deterrent to people playing this game. "hey friend come play this cool game". They buy it, log on, and see foundations and pillars as far as the eye can see lmao. It's so bad.

  3. 9 hours ago, CptYarrr said:

    My bad, I assumed you where PvE. And feel that pain even more.

    I'm never gonna do PvP on offi ARK again, nor making statements about it.

    Yeah should prolly give up on it lol. The potential is crazy but they don't wanna invest in it with support/balance so rip in peace.

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  4. 2 hours ago, CptYarrr said:

    We feel the pain, yet if you just done some background checking on this, you allready knew the answer. 

    Officials, imo, are not the way to play this game. Try unoffi ones.

    Only problem is there's no good unofficial pvp servers with more than 20 people for more than two weeks. So unless you want to constantly search for a new unofficial and start over when it dies there is no point to unofficial either.

  5. 12 hours ago, Nytefury said:

    I appreciate the response Tylanater.

    Apologies, you are referring to 1x? Certainly not adverse to a slower progression but my understanding was all official servers were 2x? Or are you referring to an unofficial server? I was doing a bit of searching, are these rates on dododex accurate? https://www.dododex.com/rates

    Our goal is to ascend, but if a little bit of PvP happens thats ok, but what your suggesting is definitely more what we are looking for as oppose to deal with sweat lords as you would say.

    So might be stupid questions as we have only ascended once on our own private server in evolved and our goal is to ascend through the suite of expansions as they come out with the same characters.


    By 1x I just meant normal official vs small tribe servers. Small tribes has 3.5x rates of normal (im pretty sure) and very ironically, small tribes is way worse than normal for actual small tribes. Been this way for years and they have seemingly given up on trying to fix it.

    As for ascending you can definitely do that, however you don't have to abandon your old base if you don't want to. You can have a base on island and scorched even before you ascended if you wanted.

  6. On PvP you don't have to ascend at all. You can transfer your character to another server at any time via a drop or obelisk. As far as catching up the honest truth is the PvP meta is rough. You'd probably do better off on 1x servers. The grind is longer but all the sweat lords play on small tribes. All the big tribes on small tribes ARE cheating and account sharing to have 6 people on 24/7 basically. A lot more common to find friendly(ish) alphas on 1x, even if you have to transfer around a bit first.

  7. Not as much the players as the devs fault. They designed the meta to require 24/7 playing and breeding while living in an underground safe base. Casual players stand absolutely no chance and it's impossible to even possibly compete. It has been this way for years and they devs refuse to change it so only one type of player remains active in pvp.

  8. PvP in ark has massive potential that WC has kind of squandered by not changing up the meta more in ASA. Cave building should not exist, it's way too OP and they've had to add way too OP of dinos in the game to compensate, making living aboveground impossible. Also, primitive locking other tribes by not allowing them to get artifacts or element (depending on the map) is awful design and awful for the PvP scene. The vast majority of "PvP" in ark is just offlining a base, which is player vs turret and dino AI (pve). They should have added an improved version of offline raid protection into the game for every server.

    Ark PvP was in it's best state at the beginning when it was PvPvE but for some reason they choose to cater to the biggest no lifes. You cannot play Ark PvP with a job offline anymore. 3 hour offline timer on your base is too much to be competitive. No job, no family, and no skipping a night allowed.

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  9. Sharks are your best defense. The bleed is % based. 1 bite=5% hp for the full duration of the bleed. So even a 90,000 HP basilo would die at the same rate as a 15,000. Same can apply to land tanks as well, bleeds are great for taking on soakers/tanks.

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  10. It's way too easy to block artifacts, especially with caves being the only good base locations. Building in caves on PvP needs to be removed and land bases need to be buffed or artifacts need to be removed from caves. Prim locking every other tribe on the server is not good gameplay.

  11. You can literally open the console command anytime in game and turn off all water, allowing you to see down into the water and find anything hidden/find spawns easy etc. You can also turn so much stuff off that you get developer white and black checkerboard on the ground instead of terrain. This is way worse than even INI and totally ruins pvp as this will basically be required with how hard it is to see in the game (which is not an issue if it's the same for everyone). You think you're hiding in a bush but on the other guys screen you're standing on a white checkerboard with no plants on it. It's so bad.

  12. 34 minutes ago, deaduni said:

    Everyone here complaining like they didnt say a NEW anticheat, you  guys just hear what you want too you can't judge a NEW anti cheat off the one thats over 10 years old lmao, tell me you know nothing about how cheating/software development works without telling me lol

    The anti cheat is not the problem, their policies and enforcement are the problem. There is no anti cheat software that people aren't going to be able to easily bypass. However here are some of their awful policies and procedures that makes cheating so bad in ark specifically even when compared to their peers like Rust.

    -Garbge reporting system. You have to leave game and go to their website. Their website video uploader does not work for the vast majority of recordings. So then you have to upload the video to youtube unlisted.

    -Bad philosophy on cheaters. Dollie has specifically said multiple times that they don't want to ban tribes because of individual cheaters. The problem is that this is a tribe game and so the meta is to have clean slots in your tribe that never cheat and dirty slots that do cheat. When the individual cheater gets banned (after months) they just make a new account and rejoin the same tribe and start cheating the same day for months longer. A cheater in the tribe should be a tribe wipe, be careful who you recruit next time.

    -Awful response time and NO transparency. Again, compared to Rust who literally posts the names of people they ban on a dedicated twitter account. Ark will not tell you if your report resulted in an action, in contrast to most other developers who will literally send you a thank you message if you had a valid report that they acted on.

    -They've also added multiple items and systems that DIRECTLY buff cheaters. Teleporters, cryopods, and cliff plats. Meshers couldn't have dreamed for an easier way to live in the mesh, Insanely easy to level post Extinction which means when a cheater gets banned they are level 100 again in a few hours or less. No speed limit on dinos, again in many other games if you go over a certain speed limit you will be auto banned. In ark people speed hack A TON with dinos going up to 1000% faster than intended and they do not get banned. Also good luck trying to spyglass them to get their info to report them. Also not adding unique names. They can't even track cheaters named human 123 transfering servers across their own network. The list goes on.

  13. -Still cave meta, all servers will be barren above ground a few weeks after launch

    -Still completely broken and OP breeding with bred dinos being more than 10000% stronger than tamed (aka you have to nolife breed forever and new people to the server can never stand a chance)

    -Nothing new in regards to the MASSIVE cheating problem (anti cheat software and bounty already exist)

    -No info on the jank melee swinging ark has always had or the massive problem with "desync" ranged shots.

    -Minimap and pings. zzz it's not a battle royale.

    -No info on restricting INI on official (and actually enforcing it)

    -No info on mesh improvements with UE5???

    -No talk of notes being removed. If island only launches with a note run it will totally kill the progress of the early game. Exp needs to be  reduced a lot. If day 1 everyone is 105 it's not gonna be good.

    In theory fixing movement speed is okay but speedhack is literally everywhere so now you are just even slower to cheaters. At least crossplay existing will hopefully stir up all the console players when they realize how bad and prevalent the cheating really is.


    Maybe the trailer will have more info but tbh I don't think it's looking good. More of the same is not what Ark pvp needed.

  14. On 7/4/2023 at 6:22 PM, GrumpyBear said:

    I have trouble understanding where you get this "massive amount of people" stat from.  I've played for 5 years, and didn't see a mass exodus from cryopods or tek for that matter.  Considering tek has been in the game since I started, maybe this happened before I started playing?

    The largest drop in players I've seen came the week after they announced the closing of official servers.  But I'm all ears, where can I read up on this statistic you allude to?

    Mainly talking about PvP. A lot of people have quit due to tek. The proof is in the fact that PvE is bigger than PvP these days. PvP has a way higher potential community (as seen by the most played games in pretty much every genre in recent years) The dropoff started happening in Extinction.

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