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  1. Nothing looks wrong in the clip. You can't have 100 bases on a server that all load in from extreme distances. All bases purposefully de-render at a specific distance (what you showed in the clip). I think this was actually changed around 2016 because the servers were getting destroyed. There may be a way to change it in the server settings for dedicated servers but I play official so I don't know about that.

  2. Melee 100% does not matter with moschops. I used tamed level 20s all the time to get rows and rows of poly and on 1x my level 20 tamed prime meat moschops gets black boxed from an alpha raptor. The ONLY thing that maters is that you whistle attack target and let them eat the corpse themselves. If you are riding them you will get significantly less resource.

  3. I love ark but almost every design decision in this game favors cheaters on a fundamental level to a point where it will never be possible for the game to be enforceable (see current state of pvp in ark 1). I'll provide some examples below of what I mean. 

    Enforcement effectiveness: It means almost nothing to be banned when leveling in this game has been made a joke. You can do a note run on the island in 3 minutes and be level 72 and ready to aimbot again. Run the swamp cave once or twice if you're feeling spicy and wanna get 105 in an hour or two. 

    Transferring items and dinos: probably leads to thousands of different duping methods across the games life. If transferring was restricted to character only this would be much less of a concern. 

    Cave base meta: Easy to hide your duped gear/duping builds/whatever else when no one can see your base and its not viable to live on land. 

    Cryos/teleporters/transmitters/smaller vaults/etc: You literally couldn't purposefully make it easier to make mesh bases more viable. Imagine living in a mesh hole before extinction. Did it happen? I'm sure, but it's a million times more inconvenient and not nearly as effective. 

    -INI file editing: No other shooter would allow this on official pvp servers. Wildcard has stated that they will not enforce ini which is weird but if that's the case stop adding dinos with crazy visual effects that disadvantage people who don't cheat with ini file editing. Also remove things like plant z flashbang and plant species x vision obstruction. Again, preferably just don't allow ini files to be edited on official servers but otherwise added visual impairments is just punishing you for not cheating, which is probably why about 80% plus of pvp players use an INI. It's so bad people don't wanna play with me cause I don't use an ini and am at such a huge disadvantage. 

    -Headshot damage on players. Should just be removed. Some people will complain about realism but the fact is that no military or police force trains to shoot for the head. It's more realistic to shoot for center mass. Obviously people will still use chest aimbots but it would be far less devastating than headshot multiplers. Also wildcard seemingly is unable to enforce aimbot so this would lessen the effects of aimbotters. 

    Specific to ORP servers but how are pincodes disabled on everything EXCEPT gates that people use to ORP abuse and block their caves from ever being raided on an alt account? Just disable them. 

    Near infinite breeding: Makes this game a goldmine for RMTers. There's pretty much no point to play small tribes unless you are looking to RMT which is ironic because unclaiming dinos is disabled in small tribes but why would you ever need to unclaim a dino when you can just throw someone a cryopod. There's thousands of discords selling dinos for real life money. If you don't believe me just look up giga on ebay and look how many postings there are. Most of it is done through discord as well. If the breeding was limited to 20/20 mutations like it was originally intended this would be far less of an issue.

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  4. 21 hours ago, Utfilthy said:

    I personally dont mind grinding... I just hate raising on 1x. At the end of the day its still a game and IMO taking 8-9 real life days to raise a giga or tuso to full imprint is still a little too long. If you have the time to do that and still enjoy the game, congrats to you. Some of us have real life commitments but would still like to exist on official servers. Stop acting like we dont all benefit from boosted rates... Even you.

    I mean I don't disagree that breeding takes too long but people are crying over no 2x evo weekend when we just got out of constant 3x. There was always 0% chance of evo this weekend lol. The evo weekends rarely have breeding bonuses anyways.

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  5. only reason breeding is slow is because people like the infinite grind. There was only supposed to be 20/20 mutations and it was a bug that you could go beyond. However people didn't want them to change it so they didn't thus creating an infinite breeding grind. What they should do is nerf breeding to what it was inteded, 20/20 mutations which would cut back on the grind significantly and also fix the balance issues of having 2k+melee gigas, manas, stalkers etc. But of course all the same people would complain about that.

  6. 11 minutes ago, xXxDeimos said:

    Sandbox game, survival part was removed a few years ago when everyone learned how to level and the order to tame.  Not much of a sandbox when its just a dirty grind that messes up when they reboot the servers for the upteenth time over the weekend when most people are on.  But you keep collecting your single stone and being content :)

    people didn't learn to level, they added OP notes to the game to get level 70 in two minutes also aided by the fact that they doubled all rates permanently twice now. The game has permanent 4x rates and people still cry everytime there's not a 2x weekend. Go play unofficial or call of duty if you want 0 grinding in a survival game

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  7. I know battle metrics uses steams api but I'm not really sure how all that stuff works. Is there a way that wildcard would be able to block using tracking sites for ark 2? I assume it is too late for ark 1 but the whole tracking meta of ark has been a huge issue for years now. I think it would turn off a lot of new players from ark 2.

  8. Pretty sure there's max of everything on PvE, 1x PvP, and Small tribes PvP except for the new R variants and rockdrakes since they were just made breedable. They probably aren't that far away either though. There's so many increased rates these days plus the egg incubator and maewing that the breeding is a lot faster.

  9. there's a ton of dead servers they haven't shut down in a very long time. In fact there's likely way too many servers at the moment. If they move to shut them down it would likely be a massive thing and there'd be a lot of time given in advance (prolly). What cluster are you on out of curiosity?

  10. There's no way they could enforce no blocking all one thousand explorer notes. You could barely have a base anywhere on the maps with notes. They should have never tied a reward to getting them all in the first place when it's practically impossible on most clusters unless you are in a big enough tribe to own 1 entire server of each map (for pvp).

  11. Games getting older so it makes sense and the devs seemingly don't react to (or probably ever read) the forums anymore. There's a post asking about classic season 5 coming up on 1k views and 30 replies and I doubt we'll hear anything about that post. That's just one example as well there's a lot of other similar posts about different things. These days you're better off asking a question, maybe getting a response or post from the devs in the discord so the forum is a little useless these days.

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