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  1. I have, I have even restarted my PC
  2. I too cant see my server on Gen 2 after hours of refresh... between this and the rubberbanding, crashes I have become tried of Ark... the finishing map has been frustrating to play.
  3. After update I only see 8 servers on Gen 2... I have refreshed for 2 hours . Why cant I see my server?
  4. I have been refreshing for almost 2 hours.. i only see 8 servers on Gen 2
  5. Thanks for your replies and insights... skiffs are slap in the face to new players... a machine against tames or raised pets... skiffs are faster than the sleigh... makes one want to go out and recommend a friend to purchase this game.. survival and fight is the name of the game but greed, disrespect and laughing at those without the advantage is not the reason for the season... Kinda like the 8x event ... Wild card was depending on kindness and generosity from peoples hearts to 30 days later knock them down ... I recommend 2 per gifts per player or per tribe... if players want to be greedy
  6. Chasing the raptor clause is fun.... until you have a tribe and their mates all on skiffs and you and other players on the server on birds or manas.... skiff out runs everything. I think that it should be 2 present per person or 2 per tribe. Sharing is the meaning of X-mas you would think... what's your thoughts on this Wild Card??
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