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  1. Is there a chance that we will see either the One X or Series X graphics update coming to the Play Anywhere edition?
  2. How about giving this version an update so that it looks and feels like the OneX/SeriesX version or the Steam version. This version we have has received no love it is all about the Steam and Series X not those of us that have a PC capable of running the game better than the Series X plus we still have that rendering bug where if we go to far from where we started absolutely nothing renders except for dinos.
  3. I am trying to log into our server and only 6 are listed not including ours. Is there a server outage I have not seen anything posted about this? Anyone else having this issue?
  4. Spino then Theri. Spino is my dino that I just go around and lay waste to everything. Theri is my farming, boss fights dinos.
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