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  1. Betrayed by tribe!!!

    all of this and I still didn't see a server number or tribe name.
  2. Raising a giga question.

    Didn't call OP a liar, keep adding words to my mouth i did not say. 7% percent and filling up its inventory with food and logging off till next morning. any baby giga will not make it. He just did not have the correct buffer for it to reach to 10% so it can eat from the troughs. As for you you, yeah I'll say it.... ducttapefixeseverything you are a LIAR! telling people that, "babies do not eat unless rendered in. " is false information.
  3. Raising a giga question.

    yeah i guess its been awhile the last giga I finish was 48hrs ago on official xbox. hmm yeah its been awhile, I need to pop a giga every second to stay current at your standards.
  4. Confused about when Ishould mate my creatures

    when you finish taming a dino, thats the stats your baby can inherit. Not the level you spend as you level your dinos up. The fertilize egg you got from your friend, well when you hatched it thats the base stats you can pass to your babies, not the imprinting you do. so you are right, only the original stats after taming matter, and right when you hatch a baby with 0% imprint.
  5. Craziest pve encounter?

    I log in by mistake to a pve server, and what I saw was the craziest thing Ive ever seen.... waves and waves of wood pillars everywhere.
  6. the actual key is to have an wc admin spawn in a replacement dino that has auto decay with at the same level as the one that disappear so that you can get a Lv 277 dino start at level 1. Well that is how its done on official server, being that this is private server you can just spawn in more and more or keep taming and breeding for mutation.
  7. Raising a giga question.

    I think you are about 8 troughs short. Just go and visit:
  8. Raising a giga question.

    i guess this is one way of doing it, its not really wrong but... I just use raw meat, its fast and cheap to get. Babies dont die if you dont render them thats just false info.
  9. Xbox One Otters.... Location

    Seriously I cant find any otters on Ragnarok Xbox official servers. Any know location of otter spawns?
  10. Stagos OP?

    You call that good base defense? eat It takes longer to breed the stegos than to make turrets and bullets =(
  11. I hatched a troodon last night and got it to juvenile before going to sleep. Today in the morning I log in before going to work and fed my troodon. I didnt notice that difference in food that it had magically achieved overnight all on its on. when it hatched last night (image below) Today in morning at 55% percent The parents Cant explain how the troodon went from 440 food to 880 food. This is on official xb1 pvp server.
  12. Don't Play Ark PvP If You're Solo/Small a Tribe

    do you communicate with people? probably not.
  13. Griffins and Breeding

    a horse with a deformation "horn" is different than a golem or dragon... Havent you seen fishes with human teeth before?
  14. Stagos OP?

    there would be no wild dinos in ark if they introduced fall damage on unmanned dinos, and so many tickets will be open for rubber band/lag killing dinos due to fall damage.
  15. fertilized eggs and transfer

    Are you on official or SP. I have no issues on official.