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  1. I think it's because a pvp player never going to say "hey auto mesh has killed my dino", so they use the pve community to fix the pvp. as an idea it is good but as a policy it is authentic garbage
  2. It is just this. That's why I stop playing now. I'm not going to be a beta tester to fix the pvp, I'm not interested at all, and besides losing my dinos and equipment, it's just stupid.
  3. anti meshing nightmare Anti meshing leaves the game in an unplayable situation in pve. There is not a day that does not lose a dino in aberration. You write a ticket and they tell you to write a post in "anti meshing false positives", nobody says anything about returning the dinos and objects. After losing irreplaceable event dinos and losing tekdsaddles and equipment you start using standard and low level dinos, which you lose in the same way. Won't the dinos teleport? I've been in ark for many years and I must say that the beginning was difficult, many rollbacks and many bugs. Now
  4. This is in aberration. I wrote a ticket and they told me to post here, so I guess nobody is going to give us back our dinos and objects.Nice
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