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  1. Exactly. My whole wall got destroyed,out of turret range on high. It's ridiculous
  2. It destroyed all of my hatch frames. Its still damages and op
  3. Dolphin saddle bomb attack still destroys structures!!!! It won't let me submit a request. Once I press submit a form and takes me back to the main ark home page. Can any dev see this?
  4. You know what sucks the most? No way we can fight off the alpha tribe when they open transfers. 4 gensis maps in my cluster and all we have is a tek ship and space whale saddle tek. They have the same stuff on their map but also own the other maps as well with gigas. Will they be able to uncryo pod them there even if it dont spawn? A rex will never beat a giga, were gonna be so underpowered now since rhinos are nerfed. Rip
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