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  1. 1. Click on you Username -> Profile. 2. Click "Edit Profile" 3.
  2. Sure, the mystery image they posted contained the ark code https://ark.gamepedia.com/Ascension#ARK_Code Left side: Data Corrution(?) Detected. Right side: L8ce f x 5bl I then sent the L8cefx5bl to HLNA.WLKR@gmail.com, the email of Helena we got in the first riddle. After some hours I received a response of her. Entering the 129d6915-b24e-4dec-963a-08fbde6cc6d6 in profile resulted in the forum trophy and this message. Just checked: It is still possible to obtain the trophy and it is intended. So grab yours now
  3. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-01 [LOG_RECEIVE] The simulation is creating some doozies. [LOG_RECEIVE] This lifeform is small but aggressive and really dangerous in large numbers. [LOG_RECEIVE] They must have a weakness but nobody has figured it out. [LOG_RECEIVE] ... at least I hope they have a weakness.
  4. Please add the ghillie effect to HLNA. If you have HLNA equipped and access the bee hive, the bees will attack you even if you wear full ghillie gear. Seems like the shield slot breaks the ghillie gear somehow
  5. Fishing will maybe getting reworked
  6. outguessed with key "raptor" gave this Sending a mail with subject 27dc56e4-8141-4197-9cda-fc4d6e4ab4f3 answered
  7. might be Island-69.861.4-7:2:2 Extinction-63.142.3-2:5:3 Island-36.222.4-18:3:6 Aberration-76.830.8-3:5:7 Scorched Earth-5776.1-1:4:2 Extinction-40.915.6-8:5:2 That's coordinates Island 69.8 61.4 find the Explorer Note #11 from Helena, Line 7, Word 2, Character 2 and so on
  8. The filename is called "out.jpg". I thought about some kind of "odd men out". In every line there is one element that has a spark in a different direction (beside some in the same direction and some without any spark). Maybe take the color code of every odd men. I think we have to type some part of each line comma seperated in the command box.
  9. The hexcode 427b28d1 results in a text B{(Ñ which looks a bit like the name of the op.
  10. merged one, not including C-D-C, matches perfectly.
  11. Wow, I entered a code in the profile page and on refresh the "XBOX Transfers Disabled" message appeared, damn you wildcard Scared the poop out of me.
  12. Edit Profile -> Uplink -> Save -> Scroll to top and you should see it.
  13. Everything I try to enter in the terminal results in I created a temporary discord server for the ARK secret finding https://discord.gg/S8Fzu8T
  14. This is extremly annoying. Anky works mostly fine, but Doedi is a real pain.
  15. It's extremly rare to get one, but it's possible.
  16. Have an adult nearby, drop them meet, do not put it in their inventory and they should be fine.
  17. Welcome to the District 12 PvE server cluster! We are running five different maps. Aberration ▪ Extinction ▪ Ragnarok ▪ The Center ▪ The Island Server Settings 3x XP 3x Harvesting 10x Breeding 5x Taming 5.000 Structure limit 220 player level, 30 ascension level 150 maximum wild dino level 100 dino level by xp Customized loot drops Cluster wide auction house Voting rewards Mods Auction House Resource Stacks Structures Plus (S+) Super Spyglass Platforms Plus Dino Storage v2 TCs Auto Rewards StructureSaver (just for administrative things like creating backup of inactive structures) Settings Flyer-Carry is disabled: It's way to easy to just drop a wild dino into a box and tame it. So it's disabled. Item Clamping is active: To get rid of the op items of extinction the item clamping is active. Dino monitoring: You may monitor your tames on our website. You will also receive notifications on specific events like an hatched egg. Voting: Vote on ark-servers.net to receive 5 points per vote every day. You may spend the points for tames or tools ingame. Visit us at District 12 Website and join our Discord.
  18. The dino spawn on extinction seems to be buggy. A lot of dinos spawn out of the reachable area of the map. I was missing some wild gachas on the map, so I teleported to some of thm. They were behind the boudary rocks of the map in the forest biome. Coords were an area like 0.0, 0.0 - 10.0, 10.0. There might be more places as well. Even after a wild dino respawn they spawned out of the map. Sometimes I find like 6 Gacha, Parasaur and more there. That would explain why people can't find dinos in forest biome after some time.
  19. Hello, I am testing the webalarms on my server and I got them working so far. Is there a list of events that may trigger a webalarm? I currently know of Egg hatched Tripwire triggered Sadly I am missing a event when a mammal is born. Are they just missing or is there a list of possible events?
  20. Hello Coldino, would it be allowed to use a modified version of Larkator to provide patreon members a feature to see the wild dinos including their colors and locations? Kind regards
  21. After the rollback to 399.24 I just crashed once in two weeks with similar time played with a bsod - BAD_POOL_CALLER. Definitely a massive improve to a bluescreen every 2-3 hours.
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