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  1. Is this fixed for you? I just encountered the same bug. My character has unlocked some Tek engrams, but I am unable to craft them at the moment. The Engram Icon is disabled, I don't even have a crating tab. Switching folder view does not change anything. Also the Replicator seems to be capped at 235/600 item slots, I could not add any element to it at that point. I removed one stack of Crystal and could add an element, powered it up to check if that changes the engrams - it does not. I removed half of the materials in it to about 130/600 but still no engrams. Is there anyt
  2. 1. Click on you Username -> Profile. 2. Click "Edit Profile" 3.
  3. Sure, the mystery image they posted contained the ark code https://ark.gamepedia.com/Ascension#ARK_Code Left side: Data Corrution(?) Detected. Right side: L8ce f x 5bl I then sent the L8cefx5bl to HLNA.WLKR@gmail.com, the email of Helena we got in the first riddle. After some hours I received a response of her. Entering the 129d6915-b24e-4dec-963a-08fbde6cc6d6 in profile resulted in the forum trophy and this message. Just checked: It is still possible to obtain the trophy and it is intended. So grab yours now
  4. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-01 [LOG_RECEIVE] The simulation is creating some doozies. [LOG_RECEIVE] This lifeform is small but aggressive and really dangerous in large numbers. [LOG_RECEIVE] They must have a weakness but nobody has figured it out. [LOG_RECEIVE] ... at least I hope they have a weakness.
  5. Fishing will maybe getting reworked
  6. This is extremly annoying. Anky works mostly fine, but Doedi is a real pain.
  7. Have an adult nearby, drop them meet, do not put it in their inventory and they should be fine.
  8. Hello Coldino, would it be allowed to use a modified version of Larkator to provide patreon members a feature to see the wild dinos including their colors and locations? Kind regards
  9. After the rollback to 399.24 I just crashed once in two weeks with similar time played with a bsod - BAD_POOL_CALLER. Definitely a massive improve to a bluescreen every 2-3 hours.
  10. Same problem on two of my computers. Both have Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8 GB) Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 6600K Rollbacked to 399 on one machine now. But that can't be the solution.
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