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  1. Thank You, for so many hours of enjoyment that ARK has provided, allowing me to create and play through a true sandbox experience. There are precious few good sandbox, offline, single player games and I feel that Wild Card is setting the example for other developers to follow. Another thank you, if I may, to Jen and Cedrick for the most entertaining and informative live stream of Scorched Earth. Jen provided a wealth of information, with the patience of a saint. How she managed to stay composed while answering questions form that scrolling mess of a chat box is beyond me! (I turned mine off as it was making me dizzy) Cedrick's good sportsmanship knows no bounds! Maybe I loved it so much because his play style (repetitively dying) mimics my own. Kudos for hanging in there! Thanking you all at Studio Wild Card, for your continued efforts with such an ambitious project.
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