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  1. The radius around it that other tribes cannot build.
  2. Sylika

    Couple of questions!?

    It would make little sense using black pearls for a baby tuso, you are replacing an entire stack of raw meat that would feed 1000 food with a lone pearl that feeds 30.
  3. Breeding events cap PVE servers
  4. Sylika

    Megalania toxin in THE ISLAND

    Alternatively if you collect and hatch the eggs you can kill the baby and receive two toxin per baby, fairly effective if you have a few females and breed them everyday.
  5. Sylika

    Structure Decay Changes

    Since the announcement yesterday at least two bigger tribes on the rag server I am on have begun replacing pillars with 1x1 stone huts. People will not belly up, they will adapt and overcome this change at the cost of resources and Dino spawns.