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  1. NotDaan

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Indeed, it's been a long time since Aberration came out, and waiting to November for this one seems very excessive.
  2. NotDaan

    general Game Size

    Indeed, this is for the mobile section, you'll want to check the PC section
  3. The game runs very poorly on my Galaxy S8 (Exynos version) now, I have to play at the lowest resolution, low settings to get 30fps, and it constantly drops very low and stutters.
  4. NotDaan

    ARK Mobile UI Concept

    Hi there! I created a concept for a better UI layout for ARK Mobile, here it is: As you can see, it retains many of the elements currently in the game, however re positioned to look better. Jump has been moved to a button, where it is easier accessible and won't result in accidental jumping Crouch and prone have now received their own buttons The hotbar has been moved to the bottom-center of the screen, where it usually sits, and the player stats beside the stance buttons The inventory button has also been moved to the bottom of the screen The top info bar is also there, and would be hidden when not in use. Would be smaller depending on the situation When you have an active weapon in the hotbar, that slot would be highlighted with a different colour around the border. The same goes for the stances The right half of the screen remains for looking around, and double tapping for attacking / using weapons The left half of the screen is for moving around. You would start by tapping, this would not start walking however. The game would track the position you tapped at, if you move upwards it will walk forwards, move backwards past the starting point would walk backwards and so on...(think of this as an invisible joystick based on your initial press position) Thanks!
  5. Yes, this is a problem in Single Player. All engrams are unlearned when you restart the game, and you don't get back any engram points. Makes learning future engrams impossible.
  6. NotDaan

    Check if ARK Mobile will run on your Android device!

    It'll run it but you may need to turn the settings down No
  7. NotDaan

    Check if ARK Mobile will run on your Android device!

    Both your phones will be able to play it, but you may need to turn the settings down as they have older processors
  8. NotDaan

    Check if ARK Mobile will run on your Android device!

    It should be able to run it just fine This one should also be able to play it too
  9. NotDaan

    Check if ARK Mobile will run on your Android device!

    That only has 2GB ram so it might not be able to play it very well Yes, that should be able to play it
  10. NotDaan

    When is mobile released on App Store?

    June 21st is when Spring ends for them, which is when they aim to have it out by
  11. NotDaan

    Amount of time to obtain code for Ark Mobile

    You're not guaranteed to get into the closed beta, only a small amount of people are being accepted Be patient, the game will fully launch soon
  12. NotDaan

    Ark mobile

    When it's ready to be released
  13. NotDaan


    ARK Mobile will be free for everyone to download once it releases
  14. NotDaan

    How do you get into the TestFlight app?

    You have to click the link in the email, it'll take you to an Apple page and give you a code from there
  15. NotDaan

    Will Ark Mobile be available in the US at release

    They're doing server testing in Canada before the full worldwide release. It will be available soon after testing is done I assume ^.^