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  1. Crash when downloading creatures When playing on my single player Arks i transfer frequently between them bringing creatures and items back and forth. The items I can upload and download with no problem but creatures more often than not will crash the game and take me straight to the home page of my xbox when downloading them from a transmitter. I like to play quite frequently but this sort of thing is demoralising when the creature is permanently lost with no quick and easy fix to replace them like for like as the game will roll the Ark back to a previous instance and the creature is no longer in the transmitter or available for download
  2. Can the issue with crashing when downloading creatures be addressed. I only play solo and switch between maps frequently and have lost quiet a few creatures to this as it rolls back to the last save. This is incredibly frustrating and not an easy fix. I come back to the game every now and then and the game crashes when I do this and it puts me off playing for a while
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