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  1. Need Paid DLC with no restrictions How about a new map DLC to buy but with no restriction. Scorched earth no water cant use my fish, AB no gig no flyers no rex no mammoth the list goes on, Gen no flyers we spend yrs raising and breeding our dinos and some of us would like a map that has no restriction and not on the free list so it gets invaded by freeloading beach bobs if you have to buy only those that want it will and to be able to have a map with people that actually care and to be able to bring all my dinos not just some would be amazing so yeh a DLC new map with no restrictions so us old timers can get to
  2. that excuse is in such bad taste. now more than ever a release should be on time as alot of people have ark as an escape, but as usual WC is late with release and in bad taste riding on rl issues to try make excuse not good. who says the rl situation will get better or worse by the 11th holding back a release is that escuse is bad form
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