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  1. Recently introduced Ark to two of my brothers and we are currently showing them around Aberration and getting Reapers so we can make do with the delay.. Gives us more time to have babies!! Sure the wait will be worth it, I can't wait to have my own giant sea turtle!!! ?❤️
  2. Managed to find the expansion eventually. MS had hidden it away on the store. Managed to get on extinction through our private server with my character and managed to transfer a Dino and set up a shack. Was not expecting to be able to do anything on release so I am impressed WC. Thanks
  3. Can't find the expansion on the Xbox store but my partner has been able to find it with his season pass. Please don't tell me I need the pass because I didn't for Aberration...
  4. Would be nice to know something. Like the time we can expect to be able to download it or what size of an update it's going to be. I think we've been forgotten...
  5. Not long to go now guys. Hope you all think it's worth the wait! ?❤️
  6. Maybe as an apology you could give us the engrams for other maps like you promised in the beginning. I've been watching PC players and when they go into engrams it says 'learn on scorched earth/aberration' etc. You lied.
  7. Usually Tuesdays and fridays. Was hoping maybe it's available to download Sunday and play Tuesday at least. Looking at the PC release we probably won't get to play until Wednesday or Thursday.
  8. Eurogamer are claiming it's out on console on the 11th anyone know if this is true? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-11-06-ark-survival-evolveds-final-expansion-extinction-out-today-on-pc-soon-on-consoles
  9. Yay! Just what I wanted to hear! Thank you
  10. Oh my! Loving the argy update. It looks cool! My only issue is that I love MY argy. Will he be getting a make over too or will he be left feeling super insecure about his dated looks? Poor Birdman.
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