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  1. We're still surviving after Steam tried to nuke everyone's mod files. Bump! Roughly one day left until the big DLC announcement!
  2. I've added a mod list to make joining the server a little easier, and so you can click on and read about each of the mods.
  3. New server host! Saves transferred and far better performance achieved!
  4. Update of description. I'm hoping they put the new Aberrant Deinonychus up on the workshop tonight. They look amazing!
  5. Server is coming back up with a 25% increase in most player stat bonuses with an additional increase of 5% most base stats. Server has also been changed to PvE by popular demand.
  6. Ultra Stacks installed! Stack sizes can now weigh less and be much, much higher. It's much nicer than the Simple Stacks that were previously installed- as nice as that mod was.
  7. Happy weekend, everyone! We're so flippin' close to the WildCard announcement!
  8. The mating interval timer has been made a smidgeon faster in comparison to the already speedy timer it had.
  9. New mod! Want a Corrupted Wyvern? Well, you can't! (lulz) But you CAN have a nifty costume!
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