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  1. Still alive! Waiting for that sweet, sweet Crystal Isles update.
  2. Bloodstalker Taming Effectiveness Bug Despite numerous attempts to feed the Bloodstalkers anything from Moschops to Deinonychus, their taming effectiveness starts around 60% and drops to 50% no matter what you tame them with. The dinos mentioned died after being eaten as is the prerequisite but no further taming effectiveness was achieved.
  3. I needed to enable harvesting, as it is now disabled by default.
  4. Gachas Unabled to Harvest When Ridden I noticed that my primary tool for gathering flint from rocks no longer works. Gachas no longer harvest stone or flint when ridden. I'd tried both the left and right mouse button attacks.
  5. Magmasaurs Cannot Smelt or Produce Gasoline - Cannot Harvest Ambergris I am unsure when this issue ocurred but it wasn't present a few weeks ago. It occurs on all maps, on both sexes of Magmasaurs that are full on food and have several stacks of meat in their inventory. Because of this bug, Magmasaurs cannot produce gasoline or metal ingots while smelting. I think it also may be a bug that they cannot harvest Ambergris themselves despite their young depending on it to survive. I would also suggest that if this bug is fixed that the Magmasaurs be boosted in terms of their smelting rates. For their taming difficulty, they shouldn't match the rate of the regular forge that you obtain at lvl 20- especially when their saddle unlocks at lvl 95 and the industrial forge unlocks at lvl 80.
  6. We have new hardware and a new plugin that enables PvE and PvP on the same server! If you want to flag for PvP (you'll start as PvE) you'd just type /PvP. After 120 minutes, if you've had enough, you can go back to PvE with /PvE in chat.
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