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  1. One could even make the ranged attacks scale with melee- and then bump the base damage if the speed nerfs stays. If Rhynio is going to be slow you might as well give it some means of fighting back. Its speed was the core of its suite if abilities. Now, it's just the world's slowest fight to the death where the Rhynio loses more often than not.
  2. I'm not going to go on a huge rant- but Rhynio was pretty nice. Not amazing but it sure wasn't terrible. I worked pretty hard to get nice stats on my bug and as of today he's... much less than he was before. Honestly, I'm probably going to wait until ASA drops instead of continuing any more work with ASE. A slight damage buff for melee strikes would sure be nice to balance it out. Nothing wild. Just enough to do more than 300 a pop with 42 points total into melee. Perhaps a base damage of Rex? Slightly below? I don't know- because this most recent nerf was rough for what you have to do to tame them and still get a dice roll on if you'll get the stats from the parent or the surrogate. lol Edit: I guess it's only two more months if ASA releases on time, but here's to the folks that are still going to be playing until the end. I'd also make the suggestion that in the future it would be wiser to under-tune things than over-tune them and then gradually bring them into line with a few buffs here and there. I'm not a game dev, but it would make me happier in the long run to just see a string of small buffs instead of hearing the death rattle of anything that the nerf bat finds.
  3. Oh, you guys are putting the bionic skins in like you promised to do months ago? Oh, you aren't? Dang.
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