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  1. the new update is getting more annoyed with me. What is the favor of the big tribes? It will thank for the money thrown away I bought a perforated dłc. are you reading our opinions, do you have any respect for us? NO!!! because you not would fix the most important mistakes and you did destroy the game. WD add, WD change, what we do not need, you do not read the forum and the opinion of the players you made money from. They bought it not for candy and for the money you sold a defective product and you are not able to repair it. Certainly the opinion of ATLAS will receive negative from me. "The produkt for this company contains errors not able to repair and that not repair .Technical support does not work. a few years on the game from technical support I received the answer, lack of technical capabilities despite losing a few months of gameplay. I do not recommend Wild Card products and sister companies." und More ......... since the end of extinction, the whole game contains errors, and you change skin the unnecessary dino. Kible: several years of work on dino for kibles, changing this you destroy our work. Do not forget to add gaha to SE the center and the island and Rangna or farm Red crystalizet sap, Blue crystalizet sap its only on the extinction. Red gem and blue gem not work for kible. THX for refuse
  2. (ps4) A few questions, that would be nice to read Wild Card answers: 1- Desert Titan * Prevent encumbered players from moving on Desert Titan. Desert or cave? Desert - How to send material to the cave to build a Replicator from the city or more distance? CAVE - how to provide material the cave to build a Replicator? Gasbag? (gasbag vs Golem nice xD) Giga xD? or??? *Flocks will now dismount riders (during the boss fight). We do not ride on dino, that fight on foot? 2- Enforcers *Reduce damage taken from corrupted dinos by 60%. Not too much 60%? I'm afraid it will hurt 3 - Connection *Reduced disconnects. Reduced disconnections per day? from 6 or more to 3? 4 - Delivery Crate Engrams no longer count towards delivery crate weight. Gasbag Delivery Crate? It does not work at. 5- Extinction Disable flyers in Forest Titan artifact cave. already the rider was falling from the flyers!! now the flyers will not fly into the cave? Again : how to provide material the cave to build a Replicator? Limiting the construction of the tek replicator on cave is a stupid idea. Why? Many play alone and want to build a Tek replikator they have no chance for it alone. I tried to supply 3x material, with a tribe partner, we lost it every time. Asking for help, larger tribes demand payment. Ok payment. But the sum they demand discourages you from playing this dlc. We want to play for pleasure and not get material for other tribes. For many tribes, they do not want to build Tek replikator for a payment. BluePrint Tek replicator not work in terminal, gets destroyed after logging out. Getting it is a very embarrassing chance of 1:35 or more. I will not be a slave to other tribes, to get the Tek replicator now. I will wait for the transfer to be unlocked if it is still worth sending it from another server. So due to the mistakes and shortcomings many of my friends left this DLC Extinction. It relies on independence and competing in development and trade. But the times of slavery are over and certainly many of us will not help enriching the larger tribes for astronomical sums. Adding the Tek replicator to the terminal gives everyone equal opportunities for their development. ARK is coming to an end and support for PS4 still does not work for a couple of years. The rules do not apply at all. Used Hack are allowed and more. Thank you for the ingenuity, but your actions are increasingly discouraging us to play. I will not buy not more your games for sure.
  3. It's great that they're working on a new game. BUT If it is to act like an ARK, it will not have my positive assessment. Ark has many errors requiring urgent repair. We do not need changes only. We need to balance and correct mistakes. If Atlas will work like ARK, I not to buy. Up to now, ARK on consoles has no support. Now support not working: November 20, 2018 09:53 (REQUEST #1026778 HACKING)(ps4) There are rules, but not working someone on the console ps4. Why do we need these rules? No one draws the consequences from the players (PS4) And you can say a lot more, I think that anyway Programmers do not do what they should do but stick to the plan to finish work on ARK. Then he writes that the ARK has no support and invite you to ATLAS. I will say no not more WC games!! Qwerz skin not working!! I paid for it.. I paid for it DLC Extinction. I bought a broken DLC..... And they do not write anything about repairing mistakes. - I will say no not more WC games!! a/ MISTAKES !!!!!!!!! b/ ARK on consoles has no support !!!!! c/ Qwerz skin not working!! I paid for it.. !!!!!! und more minus for DEV Ark - I Not to buy Atlas. My opinion of the game publisher : negative My opinion of the GAME ARK : great game have more mistakes
  4. Server PVE on the console due to lack of blockade in the city have become a pvp arena. Weak tribes have no chance with wyer 304 or spino 300+. Which through trolls are downloaded to the base. Do not mention the respawn of the coruptet wyv in the city. Gach's saddle what is it for? Ornament? It's nothing functional. Support not work? November 20, 2018 09:53 have open ticket. Just why he will receive the answer: " We are sorry we can not help you due to technical reasons." how long do I play have the same answer. Rendering the game for repair!!!! add a replicator to the terminal. (for small tribes, two people are not able to make it in a cave Getting BP for two is not possible (wiki: Alternatively, their blueprint can be obtained from Orbital Supply Drops and King Titan)) and many more mistakes to fix. Repair!!! And you intend to change the look of dino, we do not need it Now. where is the skin qertzl for which I paid?
  5. I am alone with my wife, in this case we need a few high lv argentavis. we have two argi 80 and 104 lv. There are enemies in the cave. I do not want to lost the material. For which I have spent a lot of time. Larger tribes demand payment for making. that's why I think it's stupid. Getting BP for us is not possible (wiki: Alternatively, their blueprint can be obtained from Orbital Supply Drops and Titansas a possible drop.). Orbital Supply Drop 25k hp and two rex 130 lv vs one spino 318 lv or more soory (ps4) .
  6. only one place to make a Tek Replicator in Cave ? it's stupid. 5k metal I have to transport to the other end of the map, and the rest of the material?
  7. even the tribe's owner can be removed. I lost my own tribe by a hacker. PS4
  8. FIX All explorer cards that I discovered disappeared!!!!! in all characters, are reset
  9. Why I can not summon the Enforcer? I have done but it does not work. (PS4)
  10. what's happening on ps4 consoles ?? none can log in !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 1- <- Nice Nice 2- <-<- it offends me!! I have to thank you for nothing worth the event by making a donation to children (sorry children) and I am to enjoy the worst event? do not give events players change the game, simple. The WC should be happy that even on old servers without support, the players are playing. LAG, FIX and more without repair. Lag 1h (5AM have baby) +8h that 1 PM, +8h 9PM, + 8h 5 AM now have 6AM Nice. AND do not forget that I will sacrifice the game for 20 hours.
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