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  1. Lost all my stuff on an expedition to a mountain witch happened to be a volcano and then failed to get it back and now my boat is somewhere far off because I was heading to a certain place to attempt to get new pteradons, and also tried to tame but accidentally killed a bronto.
  2. Most important dinos? 1 Trex (duh my dudes) 2 GODDANGIT I forgot it's name but it's a bird it lands on water and you can kill penguins with it for polymer quick and easy 3 ankylo for metal and crystal but have fun getting him in a volcano. 4. Quetz Platform saddle. Flying base 5. Bronto Tribe hungry? Bronto is S U P R E M E berry gatherer 6. Raptors speed is key and they are deadly 7. Argentavis good flying mount 8. Pteradon it's not easy getting a argent or quetz so this will be good starter mount for flight 9. Megalodon not hard to tame just get SCUBA and go explore under da sea!!!!!! 10. Carno/Giga there both deadly bois
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