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  1. On Island 77 we almost have no wildlife spawning.
  2. your resulition is too low, put all to Epic
  3. I propose for Ark a change to the chat window. This will allow players to only listen to tribe chat for example or filter out unreadable chinese/cyrilic texts. In the settings one can choose to which chats to listen to (Public Tribe Alliance Local Cyrilic Chinese); one has to restart to avoid misusage. Choose listen chat/language: P o T o A o L o Ж o 中 o (checkboxes) In the chat window one can choose in which chat to write (this will stay the same until changed). The chat to write to must be in the list of chats to listen to. One can change the chat with /P text or /T /A /L /Ж /中 Tribe/Alliance/Local chat key will be shortcut to set chat destination temporarely (or remove it). Without / will always use last destination. +-------------------------------+ | | | P Chat text | | Ж Chat text | | Ж Chat text | +-------------------------------+ | /P T A L Ж 中 | / denotes current chat/language | Enter: /L hi | +-------------------------------+
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